• I am so tired of hearing how the poor citizens of Victoria are not receiving adequate services from their police department. This is absurd. But, if you have officers responding to calls such as "my neighbors dog won't stop barking" or " my 15 year old son won't get up and go to school" and my favorite, "can you drive by my house every night to make sure it is okay, because I am going on vacation for week" when do they actually do real work. (Yes actual calls that they have been out on.) I think the citizens of Victoria need to wake up and realize that this is not a sleepy little town, and there are real criminals, doing really bad things that these officers need to be concentrating on.
    If you are involved in a minor accident, I am sure that you can use your best judgment and handle the situation without having a police officer come hold your hand. And for the parents who have younger, inexperienced drivers, write out a set of instructions for them to follow in the event of a minor accident. You can even put it on their cell phones, because we all know their phones will not be out of arms reach.

    March 31, 2013 at 4:35 p.m.