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Crossroads kids discuss Mother's Day (video)


May 10, 2013 at 12:10 a.m.

Janeca Girdy helps Trevor Cox, 3, make a handprint flower for Mother's Day at A Plus Kidz Care in Victoria.

Trevor Cox balanced on Janeca Girdy's lap, the 3-year-old's eyes focused on the blue paint smeared across his hand.

"You're gonna have to open your hand real wide. You ready?" Girdy asked before pressing his palm to the paper, making sure each finger made its mark.

"Good job. Mommy's gonna like that."

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, the children in classes at A Plus Kidz Care Learning Center busied themselves Tuesday creating that just-right artwork for their No. 1 girl.

Some children created cards, and others cut out hearts while Girdy's class busied themselves making handprint flowers.

The holiday offers a nice change from the classroom norm, said Girdy, a caregiver for the day care's 2- and 3-year-old class.

"We have fun," she said, smiling as she set aside a paintbrush. "You do have to have some patience because they all move around, and not everybody likes to paint. But I really like it."

So did Trevor, who offered up a shy smile after finishing up his creation.

Here, a few of the burgeoning artists from A Plus set aside their crayons to answer one question: "What special thing will you do for your mom this Mother's Day?"

"We're going to play with flowers, and I'll give her a card."

Presley Cordero, 2

"I'm going to give hugs."

Freddie Arredondo, 5

"We're going to throw dimes on a paper. It's a game. I also want to plant seeds."

Olivia Pilat, 5

"We'll play with my toys."

Trevor Cox, 3

"I'm gonna make a card for her. I'll make it at my house."

Hailee Fowler, 4



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