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'Return to Honor' returns to Victoria

By Sonny Long
May 24, 2013 at 12:24 a.m.
Updated May 25, 2013 at 12:25 a.m.


Other activities at the Field of Honor include music and a prayer service beginning at 8 p.m. each night. Upcoming musical performers include:

• Sunday - Clay Crockett & Friends

• Tuesday - Our Lady of Victory Women's ACTS Music Ministry Chaplet

• Wednesday - Bluegrass Jammers

• Thursday - Carmonas Praise and Worship

• Friday - Northside Baptist & Friends

Taps is played at 9 p.m. nightly by Richard Garcia.


"Return to Honor" explores the life, trials and triumphs of the soldiers who returns from the battlefield wounded and the efforts of a community who seeks to honor them. Follow 300 wounded soldiers from across the country as they travel to South Texas to participate in a day of fishing. What the soldiers don't expect is the overwhelming welcome they receive from the communities intent to honor them as heroes. Riding along with the soldiers, we hear candid discussion on the battles they face as they fight their new battle of returning to normal life. Through their journey, we gain a greater understanding into the post-deployment life of a wounded veteran and see how a community united can plant the seeds for healing.

"Return to Honor" returns to Victoria on Memorial Day.

The documentary is the story behind Warrior's Weekend, the Field of Honor and the importance of honoring the men and women who have served in the military - especially those who have been wounded.

The documentary will be shown on an outside screen at 8 p.m. Memorial Day at the Field of Honor at Faith Family Church, 2002 E. Mockingbird Lane. There is no admission charge.

The movie premiered a year ago at the Victoria Fine Arts Center.

The film won the "People's Choice Award" at the 2012 Rockport Film Festival and was screened at the 2013 Victoria Film Festival.

"This documentary captures the unprecedented effort displayed by an organization called Warrior's Weekend and Warrior's Weekend Field of Honor," said Virginia Petrash, Field of Honor volunteer.

"The determination of hundreds, if not thousands of patriots from the cities of Houston and Victoria as well as other surrounding towns, is manifest in this documentary and displays their dedication and loyalty to our country and appreciation to those who serve in the military," she said.

Victorians Michael Cloud, director, and Sharon Burns, producer, spearheaded the project that was a year in the making.

"When our men and women of the armed forces return home from combat, they are faced with many challenges, especially those with debilitating injuries, both physically and mentally," said Petrash.

"We, as a nation, support these men and women, and it is our belief that bringing honor to these American heroes, in fact promotes healing."

The filmmakers believe "A Return to Honor" captures the heart of what Warrior's Weekend is all about - returning the focus to honoring soldiers and allowing wounded military to return to the United States with honor from their fellow countrymen.

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