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Flag of dead Marine missing from Field of Honor

By chirst
May 29, 2013 at 12:29 a.m.
Updated May 30, 2013 at 12:30 a.m.

Shannon Fisher, a Marine and volunteer for Warrior's Weekend, died in a car wreck. A flag honoring him was stolen from the Field of Honor.

Shannon Fisher served six years in the Marines. Then, he served as a volunteer for Warrior's Weekend.

Even after his abrupt death in August, the Marine Corps flag presented at Fisher's funeral continued to fly over the Warrior's Weekend Field of Honor - until it was stolen Tuesday morning.

Col. Michael Petrash, organizer of the Field of Honor, said the Marine Corps flag, on loan to the field by Fisher's wife, Sabrena Fisher, and an American flag representing a wounded warrior, were stolen.

"I know whoever took the flag - to them it is just a flag. But to us, it is not just a flag, it means a lot. It just tears me up inside," Fisher said, battling tears. "His son needs to have that for the rest of life to remember his dad."

Shannon Fisher, 40, of Schroeder, died in a car wreck. Petrash, a friend of Fisher, presented the flag at the funeral in August.

This year, the Warrior's Weekend Field of Honor, on display through Sunday, was dedicated to Shannon Fisher and another deceased volunteer.

Shannon Fisher's 19-year-old son is also a Marine and is expected to be deployed to Afghanistan soon, Sabrena Fisher said.

Fisher said she often goes to the field at the corner of Mockingbird Lane and Sam Houston Drive to honor and remember her husband.

"All those flags on that field are out there to represent a human being, and it is part of the healing process for so many men and women," she said, confused as to why someone would steal the flags.

Petrash said all the flags were accounted for Memorial Day evening, but when volunteers went to check on the field Tuesday morning, as they do every day to clean debris and straighten the flags, the two flags were gone.

Both the flags and the flag poles were missing. Petrash said it is not possible that they blew away because the poles were mounted onto 4-foot metal reinforcing bars that were buried 18 inches deep in the ground.

Petrash said volunteers did not report the incident to the police and will not press charges. He wants whoever took the flags to do what is right and return them.

"The reward will be that you have done something right and that you have returned to honor," Petrash said of whoever might have taken the flag.

"I can't imagine how anyone could stand at that field ... look at it, and not realize that it is a field of honor and integrity and then steal - even for a prank - steal a flag," he said.



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