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Graduates look to the future (video)

By Carolina Astrain
May 31, 2013 at 12:31 a.m.

Members of the Victoria East High School class of 2013 walk toward Memorial Stadium for the graduation ceremony. More than 300 graduates walked the stage to receive diplomas Friday night.

Jaylen James, 1, rested on his father's shoulders, watching a red trail of graduation robes approach the field.

"Look for Shelton," whispered his father, Jonathan James, 22.

The toddler was there to see his uncle, Shelton Farley, a Victoria East High School student, graduate with the rest of his senior class.

The home side of Memorial Stadium was filled to the brim Friday evening, where 381 VEHS students marched into place to the tune of "Pomp and Circumstance" under the direction of Band Director David Edge.

An overflow of spectators were spread across the visitors' side of the stadium.

This year's VEHS and Victoria West High School graduating seniors are the last remaining former Memorial High School classmates to walk across the stage.

In 2010, the old high school was dissolved and split into two new high schools - Victoria East and Victoria West.

Across a patch of grass Victoria West High School salutatorian Andrea De Los Santos smiled at her former Memorial High School freshman campus classmates as they entered the stadium.

It was a nostalgic ceremony for James, who graduated years ago in the same stadium as a Memorial High School student.

"It's like a flashback to when I was in high school," the father said.

To the 2013 class of Victoria East High School: What are your long-term goals and why?

"I want to start my own nonprofit business to help people get out of poverty because where I'm from it's really bad." - Mario Anguiano, 17

"I'm starting cosmetology school after this to focus on African-American hair styles because I've always loved the different textures and the creativity involved." - Amber Ussery, 17

"I just want to start a family; it's what I've always wanted." - Raquel Guzman, 18

"I want to go to college for four years and then become a police officer because I'm interested in law and it looks like a lot of fun." - Austin Hicks, 18

"I want to go to college in Colorado because that's where my uncle had his ashes spread, and I want to make him feel proud." - Jesse Sepeda, 18

"I plan on entering the fire academy then becoming a neurologist later because my uncle suffers from autism, and he's always been good to me," - Matthew Lara, 17

"I'm going to get my basics at Victoria College and after that go to Coastal Bend in Beeville to get my master's as a dental hygienist because I did a lot of research and found out that they make a lot of money, and teeth don't really gross me out." - Traisha Kinney, 17



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