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City Pulse: Who do you think can really judge you?

By JR Ortega
Nov. 6, 2013 at 5:06 a.m.

The Judgment House depicts scenes of life choices and ultimately ends with the scenes of judgment, heaven and hell.

Prepare to be judged.

It's one thing to go into a dark, creepy haunted house crowded with spider webs, eerie music and terrifying monsters and other ghouls.

But what happens when that terror is all too real, and when it threatens the way you live your life?

That's when the Judgment House at the First Baptist Church in Edna comes in, said Charles Covin, the house's director and minister of music and media at the church.

So forget about seeing any movie-treatment-type monsters in this house - get prepared to see life and death.

This year, the story is based on the life and death of Hannah Sobeski, a North Carolina teenager who died after a battle with cancer.

The house has eight scenes, Covin says, and each one sends a powerful message about the stages of life we go through.

"We're trying to just let everyone come face to face with the truth and the reality that there is life after death," he said.

In the past, drugs have been a big topic.

The actors put on their show, and the last three scenes are always judgment, hell and heaven.

There is also a sit-down talk after walking through the house.

Those on the tour walk throughout the house, watching these scenes unfold, learning to evaluate their own lives - at least, that's the goal, Covin said.

And whether you're religious or not, going through the house could teach you a lot about your life.

It's about morals and decisions - something we should all consider when going down life's journey.

I'm not sure about you, but to me, the idea of seeing a blissful depiction of heaven and horrible picture of hell to prove a point is pretty terrifying.

Though I have never been overly religious, I believe the Judgment House can remind us about the good we should be doing with our lives.

I'm sure Judgment House will keep you up all hours of the night.



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