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Updates, new services join ranks of purchased rehabilitation facility


Nov. 6, 2013 at 5:06 a.m.

A recently renovated Medicare suite inside Victoria Residence and Rehabilitation Center boasts a flat-screen TV, refrigerator and personal restroom. New York-based Paragon Healthcare Group purchased what was formerly Victoria Nursing and Rehabilitation in July and has plans for ongoing renovations to the facility.

One longtime senior care facility in Victoria is in the grips of change.

Victoria Residence and Rehabilitation Center, formerly Victoria Nursing and Rehabilitation, is under new ownership after New York-based Paragon Healthcare Group took over, said Jeff Deutsch, Paragon's vice president of marketing and hospitality.

Deutsch did not have numbers regarding the sale of the building, which sits at 114 Medical Drive.

Paragon purchased the then-bankrupt facility in July and, in the months following, spoke with residents, health care professionals, family members and others about possible changes to the building.

"Our goal is to give the people on the ground what they need," he said. "Now, with the information we've gathered, we're starting to implement that."

The company ripped out the old carpet because it was dirty and risked causing falls, Deutsch said. An incoming kiosk computer system also puts more information at nurses' fingertips and should help keep the center running smoothly.

"The staff is very, very committed, but they haven't had the resources to work to their full potential," he said. "We want to give that to the local team. Let them do the job they want to do."

It's nice to see updates make their way to the 106-bed facility which was built in 1984, said Michelle Mendoza, the rehabilitation center's director of marketing and admissions. The commons area and patient rooms have already undergone facelifts, for instance, while other updates are on their way.

"I'm very prideful," Mendoza said inside a Medicare suite that included a personal restroom, refrigerator and flat-screen TV. "It feels more like you're at home than a nursing facility."

Other changes will join the mix down the road, such as Wi-Fi access, an expanded dining menu and added amenities, according to a Victoria Residence and Rehabilitation Center news release. A new regional clinical director also offers added training for issues such as respiratory and tracheostomy care, according to the news release, while a new therapy program is also on its way.

Deutsch said he did not know how much Paragon planned to invest in the upgrades or what the general timeline might be. And, while he said he realizes some people worry when a corporate company moves in, he said he wanted to ease those fears.

Paragon cares about the residents and the community, he said, but it also makes good business sense to increase the level of care and amenities. If people know a facility has a good reputation, that's where they'll want to go if they need to utilize such services.

"Our CEO wants to become part of the community," he said. "We're in it for the long haul."



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