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Station gives away more than 300 turkeys (w/video)

By JR Ortega
Nov. 26, 2013 at 5:26 a.m.

Daniel Cuevas, 44, of Victoria, greeted people in their cars while they waited to receive a free turkey at the annual Majic Tejano radio station turkey giveaway on East Sabine Street in Victoria. "It's always like this," Cuevas said of the huge line that stretched behind him. "I enjoy doing it though; it's nice to give back to the community."

A parade of cars, puffs of exhaust trailing trembling tail pipes, lined up -- some as many as four hours Tuesday. Inside, their occupants dreamed of a happy holiday.

The scene was another Thanksgiving that could happen only on East Sabine Street.

Majic Tejano 95.9 FM radio's 11th annual turkey giveaway Tuesday night donated anywhere between 300 and 350 turkeys to those in need this holiday season.

Aurora Ramirez, 34, of Victoria, was the 11th car in line.

She had sat in her car since 1 p.m., early enough to make sure she and her two children, Jose Ramirez, 11, and Haylie Ramirez, 8, would make it one more Thanksgiving.

"Right now, I'm not working, so it's been hard," she said from her car as her kids ran around outside to keep warm.

Ramirez gets less than $200 a month in child support, and with her and her kids' daily necessities, holidays have become more of a luxury and less of a basic expectation.

Haylie said she spends the hours waiting by running around outside, despite the 40-degree temperature. She also plays with her purple stuffed bunny, Jumpoline.

"I love the turkey," she said. "But I really like the stuffing."

Ramirez has waited in line every year for the past three years, she said, just to make sure her family gets as normal a holiday season as possible.

"They're my butterballs," she said about her kids, laughing.

Homer Lopez, general manager of the station, said this year, the station raised $4,000 for the turkeys, which were bought at H-E-B.

The money, he said, was raised by Victoria businesses and other listeners, such as TDECU and Atzenhoffer.

"This is for all people and all races. It doesn't matter. Whoever is in need," he said.

Isabel Davila, 66, of Victoria, was almost at the head of the line. She has been coming for several years, she said.

"What these people do, it's a blessing," she said in Spanish.

She feeds about eight people every year, and the turkeys, which are 13-pounders, are more than enough.

She just hopes the station continues helping the community.

There will always be a need, she said.

"I give thanks to them and God not just on Thanksgiving," she said, "but every day."



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