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Test Kitchen: Give your Thanksgiving leftovers a facelift

By Jessica Rodrigo
Nov. 27, 2013 at 5:27 a.m.

Make a faux pot pie with your Thanksgiving leftovers. This was the first pie I made with the potatoes  spread on top like Shepherd's pie. My only qualm with this was the texture - the stuffing was only crisp on the edges and the gravy soaked into the bottom more than I had wanted.

It's time to get creative with leftovers.

After Thanksgiving, we'll all have leftovers stashed in our fridge for midnight munching or for gradual grazing.

For us, we usually end up with a ton of mashed potatoes and stuffing in bags and Tupperware - both of which are the kind of leftovers that are better the second time than the first time. Finding a way to reuse them can be a challenge, so here are few ideas.

Potato croquettes are a fun way to cook mashed potatoes and add a different texture. Using cold potatoes, mold them into rounds and coat them with breadcrumbs - from leftover rolls if you have them - and fry them lightly or bake them on a rack.

Those extra sweet potatoes can make a delicious filling for empanadas or waffles - just use the pureed potatoes just as you would pumpkin puree or other pie fillings.

Turkey is usually the easiest leftover to reuse. You can toss it into quesadillas, soup, sammies, fried rice and whatever else you can think of that has chicken in it. Just sub the bigger bird for the little, more commonly used bird.

I tested out two versions of this faux pot pie (since its really not dough that I used). The first had mashed potatoes on top, and the second used the stuffing as the topping. Either way, they are both delish, but adjust the recipe as you'd prefer. I liked the stuffing on top since it had more of a crisp and crunchy exterior. But do what tastes good.

Have a dish you want me to test or have cooking questions? Send a message to or tweet @EatsEatsEats. I'm always hungry.



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