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Mutilated sheep attract alien investigators (video)

By Elena Watts
Oct. 8, 2013 at 5:08 a.m.
Updated Oct. 9, 2013 at 5:09 a.m.

Charles Stansburge, a section director with the Mutual UFO Network, learns about the mutilation and disappearance of Wayne Daggs' barbado sheep as Daggs recovers the most recently found carcass with a tarp Tuesday in Port Lavaca. All 21 of Daggs' barbado sheep have either gone missing or been found mutilated on his property over the course of a few months.

PORT LAVACA - The investigation into how and why 21 sheep were either stolen or mutilated in Calhoun County is taking an interesting turn - the culprits might be from another planet.

Wayne and Karen Daggs, of Port Lavaca, lost their last two barbado sheep. They discovered one missing and another dead Tuesday.

A member of the Mutual UFO Network read about the missing and mutilated animals in an Advocate article that published in the Houston Chronicle.

Charles Stansburge, the organization's section director, traveled Tuesday to the Daggs' property from Rosenberg to investigate.

The organization plans to help the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department however it can.

The latest casualty did not have a wound behind its ear, which was found on most of the previously killed sheep.

"I can't think of a reason aside from rituals or malicious mischievousness for the mutilations," said Calhoun County Investigator Bobbie Vickery.

Coyotes and vultures devoured the animal below her neck, so it was impossible to know whether her reproductive organs were removed, a trend discovered in the other dead sheep.

"The coyote might have happened upon the sheep after it was killed," Vickery said.

However, he cannot explain how the coyote entered the fenced property or where the missing sheep went.

It is not clear how the sheep were removed, either dead or alive, from the property, he said.

Investigators lack evidence, such as tracks, that anyone has been inside the Daggs' fence, Vickery said. Both surrounding brush and the fence line are free from disruption.

"No one knows the purpose of the mutilations," Stansburge said. "The crime is not solvable."

Stansburge was involved in similar organizations in Colorado and has investigated abductions, UFO sightings and animal mutilations.

Smooth, laser-like incisions, a lack of blood and absence of predator and human tracks are common characteristics of the mutilations that Stansburge has investigated.

Cattle and horses account for the majority of the animals he has seen mutilated.

Alien races have inhabited or visited the Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, Stansburge said.

Robert Morning Sky, Native American author of "The Terra Papers," retells his grandfather's accounts of saving an alien from a spacecraft that crashed into the earth in a 1947 galactic battle.

The alien showed Sky's grandfather and his buddies the history of Earth on a crystal after they nursed him back to health, Stansburge said.

The beings were fighting to keep inhabited worlds safe from devastation, he said.

"At least five species are protecting our galaxy, and another is on its way," he said. "Some are here to cause havoc, but they are being pushed back."

"No one knows the purpose of the mutilations," Stansburge said. "The crime is not solvable."

Fletcher Gray, the senior field investigator for Mutual UFO Network, is expected to arrive in Port Lavaca Wednesday to assist Stansburge with his investigation.

"We're looking at mutilation in general," said Calhoun County Sheriff George Aleman. "The last incident I remember was in the 70s - satanic worship stuff."



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