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Moms cheer at rivalry game (video)

By Bianca Montes
Oct. 12, 2013 at 5:12 a.m.

Victoria East seniors Paige Mareth, 17, left, and Monica Smith, 17, rock back and forth together as the Titan band plays the school's alma mater before kickoff against Victoria West High School Friday at Memorial Stadium.

Memorial Field was red Friday night.

Dark, gray clouds streaked through an otherwise powder blue sky, and a thick wind rustled in the air, setting the ominous atmosphere for a four-year rivalry between Victoria West and Victoria East high schools.

The schools' rivalry was painted on war signs in the parking lots, warning the opposing team to keep out or else.

Four flag bearers dashed across the field proudly displaying the word "West," and the crowd filling the home side of the stadium erupted in a wave of cheers.

"This is our game to win," Jill Chumchal yelled, silver pompoms in hand.

Since the schools' inception four years ago, Victoria East High School has defeated its adversary, Victoria West, and the West senior mamas are fiercely vying for their last chance to take home the win.

To rile the players up before the big game, the team moms squished Titans into cages and placed them in their sons' locker room. "We caged the beast," Chumchal laughed.

The mother of three stands tall in the bleachers as the game kicks off.

She is screaming.

She is rooting.

She is shaking her custom-made rattler with such intensity that the change trembling inside might possibly break through the plastic and rain on the audience.

"There was a time that he would not acknowledge me," Chumchal said, sporting a mother's team polo with the number 65 sewn on one side and a photo button of her son, offensive lineman Connor Chumchal, on the other. "He waves at me now. This East-West game is what these boys think about all year. I'm rooting for Pookie."

On the other side of the stadium, another lineman's mother is equally engaged, except her fixation isn't on rooting or cheering - this East mother is too busy calculating every move on the field.

"I'm not the type that says a lot," Ginger Pullin said. "I'm sitting back and doing a lot of watching."

She focuses on her son, Bo Pullin.

But as soon as the team gets close to making a touchdown, the mother of two is out of her seat, waving her golden pompom and cheering for her boys.

While Pullin considers herself to be her son's biggest fan, she also credits herself as the ultimate Titan fan, as well.

"You get involved with everything that has to do with your child," she said. "My philosophy is you should get involved and do everything you can."



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