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Stroman teacher kisses piglet for National Junior Honor Society fundraiser

Kathleen Duncan

By Kathleen Duncan
Oct. 17, 2013 at 5:17 a.m.
Updated Oct. 19, 2013 at 5:19 a.m.

Vanessa Pena, left, reacts as Brenda Prochaska, a seventh-grade reading teacher, right, kisses the pig during a pep rally at Stroman Middle School Tuesday afternoon. Prochaska won the kissing rights to the pig by raising the most money with 69 votes by students in a fundraiser for the National Junior Honor Society.

Screams of encouragement shook the Stroman Middle School gym as Brenda Prochaska, a seventh-grade grade reading teacher, leaned in and planted a big, friendly kiss on a piglet's snout Tuesday.

The students' screams became louder and louder as she kissed the pig again and again and one last grand time to make sure that each student got an eyeful of their teacher giving that little pink pig a smooch.

"I had to kiss that pig four times!" Prochaska said with a smile afterward. Prochaska was one of four teachers in the running to kiss the pig as part of a fundraiser to benefit their National Junior Honor Society.

Every vote cost $1, so the more the students voted, the more likely the teacher of their choice would have to kiss the piglet donated for the occasion by L&H Showpigs in Victoria.

K'Dionne Budde, a sixth-grade ELAR teacher, said all the money goes toward a good cause. "It'll help the honors society do service projects like working at food banks and taking part in trash pickups. Anything the community needs," Budde said.

Prochaska won the four pig smackaroos in front of her students and colleagues with an impressive 69 votes. Tiffany Keszler, a sixth-grade English teacher and eighth-grade volleyball coach, was a close second with 57 votes. Together, they creamed their competition - Matthew Hilbrich, 14 votes, and Tom Culbertson, 17 votes.

Keszler jumped up and down when announcers called her name over the speakers as they listed each teacher in the running of the competition. She was sad when she lost by only 12 votes.

"I wanted to help raise money, but of course, I'm disappointed that I didn't get to kiss the pig. I wanted to take him home," she said.

The pig kissing opened the pep rally and was undoubtedly the most popular feature, but music from the band, cheers by the cheerleaders and a Hula Hoop challenge were also part of the event.

The students and teachers left the pep rally exclaiming over the pig and congratulating Prochaska on her moment in the spotlight.

Prochaska laughed when asked what it was like to kiss the pig, pausing a moment to think of the right words before she simply said "it was a little salty."



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