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Family decorates Victoria home for Halloween (video)

By Bianca Montes
Oct. 30, 2013 at 5:30 a.m.

A skeleton, intricately covered in spiderwebs, rests near the entrance way of the Chapas' residence. Decorations and set-up began almost a month before  Halloween.

Carlos Chapa and his family love Halloween. What began as a healthy passion of decorating the foyer of their Victoria home with cobwebs and skeletons for Halloween turned into a full-blown obsession for all things that go "boo" in the dark.

"It's spoooooky," 7-year-old Avery whistles through her perfectly cute jack-o'-lantern smile.

At the front door, an inordinately decorated wreath welcomes guests with purple, orange and black ribbon neatly strung around the ever-so-intimidating word: Boo!

That's where cute draws the line. Every inch in sight - and more so every corner out of sight - holds decorations from a rising Dracula to a skeleton bride looming over love potion in front of a mirror.

Chapa and his wife are longtime Victoria residents. He moved to the area more than 25 years ago for high school, and Christy Chapa dated her residency to age 5. Slowly over the past three years, they have allowed their home to turn into the spookiest spot on the block.

"She's not allowed to touch any of it," Chapa said, pointing to his wife. She laughs about her husband's infatuation with his "toys."

Decorating the rooms began several months ago, he said, and about 80 hours of work went into bringing the haunted home together.

As for the hundreds of decorations, which fill several rooms, many are usually bought after the spooky holiday at nearby Halloween shops and websites.

"We keep them up through the holidays," he said, blaming the children who get upset when they begin to take them down.

Even his 18-month-old daughter Ainslee " just wants to look at everything," he said. "She's not scared at all."



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