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At 82, Victoria man decides to try retirement a second time

By chirst
Sept. 2, 2013 at 4:02 a.m.
Updated Sept. 3, 2013 at 4:03 a.m.

Robert Martin exits the Wells Fargo Advisors office for the evening  Friday, his last day working before his retirement. Martin retired from a different business in 1993 but said that the retirement lasted only about four months before he decided retirement wasn't for him and started working as a financial adviser. So far, Martin plans to spend the first few months of this retirement taking a Spanish class and a bridge class at Victoria College.

Bob Martin retired the first time in 1993, after 41 years of working in retail.

That lasted four months.

"I don't like sitting around," said Martin, now 82. "My son is a broker, and he has always enjoyed it, so I thought - I don't like retirement. I'll just try what he is trying."

And so, at 62, Martin applied for an internship at an Edward Jones firm in the Fort Worth area.

By 2007, Martin was working as a broker at Wells Fargo Advisors in Victoria with his son, John Martin, offering financial advice and doing his best to help people.

"I enjoy working. People talk about retirement as their chance to do something they want to do. Well, I have been doing what I want to do since 1952," Martin said.

Martin and his wife, Betty Martin, bought The M.O. Simon Company in Victoria a few years after Martin left the U.S. Army.

"I almost stayed for a regular Army commission, but somehow, women's clothing seemed a lot more interesting," Martin said with a grin.

On Friday, Martin retired from Wells Fargo Advisors.

"I have no doubt that my dad will continue to find ways to connect with people in a meaningful way ... from having the right dress on at your daughter's wedding or having a portfolio for retirement. He will continue to do that somehow or someway," his son said.

Bob Martin's colleague, Mark Zafereo, said the office won't be the same.

"He is the kind of guy who goes around the office and picks everybody up. He really cares about people and really cares about his clients," Zafereo said.

And that's why Martin partnered with his son six years ago - so his customers will be looked after when he retires.

But Martin isn't confident retirement will stick this time, either. Already enrolled in Spanish classes at Victoria College, Martin said he will be looking for other things to stay busy.

"Working keeps your brain going. My head works really good; my body has just suffered a little bit," he said.



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