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'Homebound' plays in El Campo for theater release

By Jessica Rodrigo
Sept. 19, 2013 at 4:19 a.m.

Actors Enrique Castillo, left, and Jeremiah Ocanas, of El Campo, play father and son in a scene from "Homebound," shot in Danevang in 2011. The independent film is returning to El Campo  for one week starting Friday.

The independent film "Homebound" is returning home to El Campo.

After two years of filming, producing and editing, the community will have a chance to see the movie in its full theatrical release, said Fanny Veliz, who wrote and directed the film with her production company Criolla Films.

With the help of Jeremiah Ocanas, an El Campo native who now lives and works in Los Angeles, she turned the city into the set for "Homebound."

"It's always been his dream of filming a movie in his hometown," Veliz, 35, said of Ocanas.

They collaborated on the script and included parts of Ocana's life and real-life people he knew growing up. Because Ocana's family lives in El Campo and he has deep roots there, the community played a big role in filming. There were so many families other than his own - the Escamilla, Delgado, Hernandez and Doria families and Randy Flores - who he said helped move the film along by lending their vehicles for scenes and opening their homes for lodging, he said.

"I knew the community would support us filming here," said Ocanas, 33. "This movie wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the community."

Ocanas plays the lead role of Richard Lynn, who returns to his hometown to help his dying father. It's a film about family and taking the time to enjoy the love they bring us, said Veliz.

The film was shown in El Campo to a small group of people in March, but the release will give the rest of the community a chance to see themselves on the big screen, he said.

The film will show at Showplace 3 Cinema in El Campo for one week starting Friday. If the movie does well, Veliz said it might go to other theaters in the area.

"The movie is beautiful because of the people around the area," said Veliz. "We're really grateful to have come to El Campo."



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