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Mexican bakery serves up delicious tradition


Aug. 30, 2014 at 2:52 p.m.

Mornings are the busiest times for Rosita's Bakery, a Mexican bakery in Victoria. Costumers sit and wait for their breakfast tacos.

Walking through the rustic entrance of Rosita's Bakery on Water Street - a creaky screen door moaning with every pull of the door handle - the delight of cinnamon and fresh coffee greets each loyal patron.

Mary Rangel's Mexican bakery has been buzzing since dawn, with guests lining up for fresh empanadas, conchas and cuernitos, among other pastries, and homemade tacos and tamales served to order each morning.

"There are traditional Mexican pastries made everywhere, but each baker has their own unique touch," said Rangel. "There aren't too many Mexican bakeries around here though, and this here is authentic."

Rangel's baker, Jose Gonzalez, is a native of Mexico, and her shop has long catered to the Hispanic community in Victoria, she said.

But Gonzalez's craft is second to none when it comes to pastries.

"He's awesome. There is no one better," she said. "Everything he makes is delicious."

Rangel has owned Rosita's since 1991, when she took over the bakery business solo after she separated from her ex-husband, who was also a baker.

The pastry business was all she knew since she was first married, even though she couldn't bake very well herself.

"I don't know how to cook, really, but I can run the place," she giggled.

Rosita's bakery offers more than 30 different pastries, cookies and sweet delicacies. And tacos and tamales are available for purchase.

"This place is just the stop for tamales," she said. "We used to have only a few options for tacos, but now, we can make them how you want them."

Rangel said her team of bakery staff, from the cashiers to the women who roll the tamales, are all responsible for the success of Rosita's, and she couldn't have kept the shop going so long without their talent and loyalty to the store.

"God willing, we'll be here a long time," she said. "We're getting more popular every day. . We're even getting more gringos to come in."



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