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Some opt out of Super Bowl fandom (w/video)

By Sara Sneath
Feb. 2, 2014 at 10:01 p.m.
Updated Feb. 1, 2014 at 8:02 p.m.

Bobby Cook, 64, of Edna, shops for groceries at H-E-B Plus! on Sunday evening during the time of the 48th Super Bowl. Cook is an individual consultant for drilling oil and wells and enjoys fishing in his free time.

While Victoria residents were at home watching the Seattle Seahawks run amok over the Denver Broncos, shoppers at H-E-B Plus! took advantage of the slightly quieter aisles.

"I'd rather be fishing than watching football," said Bobby Cook, 64, of Edna.

Cook said he didn't plan on watching the Super Bowl and was going about his typical daily errands.

"I got better things to spend money on," Cook said.

Corina Turner, 41, of Victoria, said her household doesn't watch the Super Bowl. Her Sunday routine didn't change much because of the game, she said.

"There are not as many people here (H-E-B) as there normally is," Turner said. "That's what we were hoping for."

While hard-core football fans pushed their cartloads of Velveeta cheese and meatballs to the checkout lines before the Super Bowl began, some casual viewers remained at H-E-B Plus!

Raul Ruiz, 40, of Victoria, made a last-minute dash to the store for chicken wings and hot links before settling down to root for the Seahawks on Sunday. But Ruiz said he was equally excited to see some of the commercials.

"The most fun part is the commercials," Gary Fredrick, 69, of Victoria, said. "They really pull out all the stops."

Fredrick said he was rooting for the Denver Broncos but expected the Seattle Seahawks to win it - though Fredrick said his favorite team is the Cowboys.

C.A. Marshall, 47, of Victoria, said he was still at the grocery store buying groceries for his 93-year-old grandma, whose car broke down. Marshall said he was expecting the Broncos to win, but his 6-year-old grandson, Jordan Ring, would be happy either way.

"I'm going to root for both teams," Jordan said.



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