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Business offers last-minute Valentine's Day gifts (w/video)

By Jessica Rodrigo
Feb. 13, 2014 at 10:03 p.m.
Updated Feb. 12, 2014 at 8:13 p.m.

Victoria Flower Co. assistant manager Annette Franco, 50, of Victoria, assembles a bouquet of stargazer lilies at the Victoria Flower Co. in Victoria.

For David Strickland, of Inez, the red rose wasn't going to do the job for his Valentine's Day gifts.

He strolled into the Victoria Flower Co. on Thursday with something already in mind.

The 66-year-old retiree ordered two single white roses for his sisters - Marjorie and Margaret - who are twins.

"I'll sign the card from Mama, Papa and big brother," Strickland proudly said.

He waited patiently as Annette Franco, assistant manager of Victoria Flower Co., prepared his order.

Meanwhile, on the corner of the parking lot, the shop had a trailer selling bouquets and strawberries.

"It's set up for all those people who are in hurry and need something fast," Franco said.

Bouquets of carnations, spring flowers and the ever-important roses stood wrapped in clear plastic in black buckets full of water.

There to offer a hand at the trailer was Olga Adame, 54, who said she's seen a lot of men from the oil industry come after they get off work to pick up their flowers.

"The grocery stores are all busy, so we can help them here," she said.

If shoppers are looking for something special, Adame will send them to the store where they can find more gifts, including gift baskets, shiny singing balloons and plush stuffed animals.

She also offered a little advice about what kind of flowers to buy.

"We have carnations, but of course, the No. 1 flower is the red rose," Adame said.

Back inside the store, Franco filled two small vases with one white rose for Strickland's sisters each with baby's breath, greens and a branch of eucalyptus.

To make them festive, she added a red bow to each arrangement and handed them to Strickland.

He used to buy flowers and take his wife out to dinner for Valentine's Day, but since she's passed and his sister Marjorie is also a widow, he said he'll take her out Friday to Chili's for dinner.

"It's a special time to say something special to your wife, girlfriend or even a lady you work next to," he said. "Don't be bashful. The world doesn't have enough love as it is."



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