Best In Class seeks franchisee for Victoria location

Best In Class Education Center wants to help Crossroads students improve in math and English.

The Seattle-based business is looking to expand to Victoria, Hao Lam, Best In Class CEO, said. He is looking for a franchisee with a passion for education and helping children.

"The majority of students come for the enrichment program," Lam said of the center, which also offers remedial and after-school programs.

In an effort to better educate children and prepare them for the future, he said, Best In Class offers students tutoring on homework and college preparation, including SAT/ACT and college admissions help.

After opening a location in Katy and Allen/Plano, Lam said that Victoria would be the next place he wants to expand because of its population size and the number of competing companies.

"It looks like there is a demand in Victoria," Lam said.

Best In Class has 25 locations open across the country with two preparing to open in Reno, Nev., and Sacramento, Calif.

"Ultimately, we want to serve the community," he said.

For more information about Best In Class or to inquire about franchise opportunities, visit or email