Ben Zeller will bring new vision to office of Victoria County judge

Editor, the Advocate:

I have participated in the local Republican Party in Victoria since 1984. Voters that I know often talk about the need for term limits for our elected officials. Of course, the available method to do this is on Election Day. Victoria County Republican voters have an opportunity to do just that this election day March 4 for the office of Victoria County judge.

We have a choice between the 11-year incumbent who has said this would be his last term and Ben Zeller, a young, energetic, trustworthy and determined candidate with new vision for our county government, utilizing his lifelong conservative values.

It is time for new leadership in our county. I have known Ben since he was a young teenager. I quickly learned that when he made his mind up to accomplish something, he would see it through. Ben will earn the trust of the voters and taxpayers of our county, and he deserves your vote.

Please vote for Ben Zeller.

Mark Simcik, Victoria