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Church group places in top 10 in first Knowledge Bowl (w/ video)

Feb. 21, 2014 at 9:04 p.m.
Updated Feb. 20, 2014 at 8:21 p.m.

From left, Bard Letsinger, 44, and Skip Mozisek, 46, of Victoria, share a laugh in the second round of the 2014 Knowledge Bowl. Letsinger and Mozisek were on The Renegades team from Renegade church, and this was their first year participating in the Knowledge Bowl.

On a small sheet of paper, Bard Letsinger drew an X for each question missed at the 2014 Knowledge Bowl. He noted almost all of them were due to double-guessing himself or a teammate.

Letsinger, who is lead pastor at Renegade Church in Victoria, said if there was one lesson he'd take away from the competition, it's to trust his gut.

Sometimes, you have to ask yourself, "What is your gut telling you?" he said.

While there are times you can't trust your gut, he said, "in this type of situation, you have to go with instinct."

It was a notion he and The Renegades took with them into the second round of the competition. The Renegades were one of 32 teams that participated in the annual fundraiser hosted by Victoria's three Rotary Clubs to benefit the Victoria Adult Literacy Council.

Proceeds, including money raised in a raffle, were donated to the literacy council.

For the past 30 years, the Victoria Adult Literacy Council, a nonprofit organization, has worked toward educating the community through family literacy, said Stacey Milberger, executive director.

The center revolves around four components: child education, adult education, parents as teachers in the home and parents and children together in the home, interacting and sharing.

The center also offers GED preparation classes and English as a second language classes - just to name a few.

"Our purpose is to meet every need," Milberger said.

Sarah Rush, 53, of Victoria, said she chose to compete in the Knowledge Bowl because it benefits the Victoria Adult Literacy Council.

"They do so much with helping our adults learn to read and be more productive to society," Rush said. "As a school teacher, I see too many children that don't know how to read, and so we really need to get the parents reading."

Rush vied for a spot on The Renegades' team last Sunday against five other competitors. She and Mark Mozisek, 43, of Victoria, won spots on the team, joining standing members Letsinger, 44, and Skip Mozisek, 46.

Skip Mozisek said he participated in a similar competition in the '90s and was just waiting for the opportunity to participate in Victoria.

Skip Mozisek, who is the worship director at Renegade Church, said now that the church is in its third year, this was the perfect year to join the Knowledge Bowl.

Both he and Letsinger consider themselves knowledge buffs.

"I've got a useless knowledge base," Letsinger joked, crediting his history teacher father for inspiring him. "I'm the guy growing up whose parents had a big set of encyclopedias."

As far as studying, the pastor joked that he just prayed a lot.

"I don't know how you can study for this type of game," he said. "Half of the stuff, you just know the answer, and the other half are questions that get your mind working."

The Renegades did not take home first, second or third place in the competition; they placed 10th.



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