Boys should return items they stole from cars

Editor, the Advocate:

To the boys who broke into cars at Windsor Park Apartments:

What you did was not right even if we gave you the opportunity by not locking our doors. The things you took may not have seemed like much but in some ways were. I hope you read this and feel sorry for taking our things or the parents of these boys find our things - a black flashlight with three settings (high, low, strobe), a red woman's jacket, a camo bag that may have a rosary in the pocket, two tennis rackets and cologne. These are the only things that were reported to our management as missing but there may be more. Should you find it in your heart to return these items, please leave them at the Windsor Park Apartment office at 3001 Arroyo Dr. and no further action will be taken.

I'm hoping you will do the right thing.

Jose Flores, Victoria