Cuero resident claims bill has hidden charges

Editor, the Advocate:

I saw in the Cuero Record that the mayor said Cuero was a city with culture. The only culture that I can see is the cultured sour cream and cultured cottage cheese at the one grocery store that she referred to.

I pay an average of $100 a month on my utility bill for things that do not have anything to do with what water I used or what electricity I used.

Just like the $2 charge for diesel on the garbage - they collect enough on it to buy diesel and gas for the whole city.

The power cost and the electric are backward on your electric bill. They won't tell you what the power cost is for. I guess that is what culture is for. But I can tell you what it is for. Think about it. Read between the lines. Keep asking the people with culture.

Harold Borchardt, Cuero