Pro-Con: How should Victoria deal with deer population?

A quintet of deer meander across a meadow near the intersection of East Airline Road and Deerchase in Victoria.

  • To read what some Victoria residents are doing about feral hogs in their neighborhood, see this story on and click on the link.

A recent Time magazine cover story put forth the proposition that the rules of hunting need to change.

The article by David Von Drehle stated that wildlife populations have exploded to the point that they have become dangerous to humans.

He cited as examples property damage and traffic crashes caused by wildlife.

The conclusion drawn was that it was time to actively reduce wildlife populations through more aggressive hunting practices.

There's no denying that the problem exists in some places.

Some cities have even begun to allow hunting inside their city limits, according to the article.

Should other regulations change to allow people step up efforts to control wildlife populations?

Is it indeed time to cull the herds?

PRO: More wildlife management needed

CON: Food sources, not animals, are the problem