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Four local bowlers break 700 series mark

Jan. 29, 2014 at 5:01 p.m.
Updated Jan. 28, 2014 at 7:29 p.m.

Dan C. Gutierrez, right, 91, and Doris Schmidt, 84, are the oldest male and female bowlers this season. Gutierrez began bowling in the 1950s, but dropped out of league competition after four or five years. He began bowling in the Over The Hill senior league in the 1990s. Schmidt first began bowling in Cuero in 1958, and after those lanes closed, she bowled at the Woodlawn lanes in mixed league competition. Both bowlers enjoy the camaraderie and friendships gained through league bowling.

Four local bowlers broke the 700 mark this past week, with Mark Svatek and Jacob Silgero leading the pack.

Svatek was consistent during Sugar & Spice action to take the weekly honors. With only one open frame in the three games, he posted individual scores of 232, 268, and 219 to total 719 for the night.

Silgero had two single pin misses in the series but still scored very well with games of 234, 247, and 237 for a 718 set in Spring Sunday Striker play.

Willie Reyna started league competition with a 191 before getting in a zone and blasting the pins for two final games of 255 and 256 to finish with a 702 series.

T.J. Mooney was the fourth bowler to break the 700 mark with a 701. He also rolled a 252-682 in another league.

Mike Unger came very close to a perfect game in Sundowner League play by rolling a 298 game. He earned an 11-strikes-in-a-row award from USBC.

Other scores of note for the men were Bruce Hammack (247-698), Mike Unger (298-693), DoLee Knowlan (259-689), Mike Stacy (262-678), Joe Simmons (675), Kyle Stasny (249-671), Danny Reissig (668), Tom Crowe (666), Gay Hatter Jr. (258-661), David Flores (661), Joey Matson (257-660), Todd Pfuhl (656), Steve Schmitt (257), and Ron Gabrysch (255).

Carri Lee was high for the women with a very nice 234 high game and 607 series posted during Sugar & Spice competition.

Trudy Wortham almost broke the 600 mark with a 597 total.

The third high score was rolled by Delores Stroud with a 231-588.

Sharon Guinn with a 232 individual game and 578 set also scored well.

Congratulations to senior bowlers Joe Simmons for his 675 series and Nelda Matchett, who rolled a nice 502 series on the day before her 80th birthday.

Vera Cruz bowlers for the week were Willie Reyna 789 and Trudy Wortham 689, both from the Sugar & Spice League.

A reminder to bowlers that the Lions West Bowl-A-Thon is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 8. Registration begins at noon with competition starting at 1 p.m. Proceeds to benefit the Lions Eye Bank of Texas.

Also the VUSBC Women's Annual Tournament and the VUSBC Open City Tournament entry deadlines are Feb. 21.

I want to wish Joan Conaway a speedy recovery from an illness she suffered while on a bowling trip to Las Vegas. After being in the hospital for a couple of days she and her husband, Wayne, are on the way home.

Victoria lost another former league bowler in Christopher Dick. He bowled at the Woodlawn in the 1980s and 90s.

My condolences and sympathy to the family.

Pro Notes

Jason Belmonte solidified his selection as the 2012-13 Chris Schenkel PBA player of the year award by winning the Tournament of Champions last week.

With Belmonte, Sean Rash, and Pete Weber being the three finalists, the PBA membership made the right choice in voting for the two handed bowling Australian.

In the TOC step-ladders finals, Dan MacLelland (Canada) defeated Pete Weber 259-211, Wes Malott defeated MacLelland 248-199, in the semi-final match Malott survived leaving five corner 10 pins in a row to defeat Dom Barrett (England) 205-202.

The final match for the championship went to the wire with Malott needing a strike on the first ball in the 10th frame to win but a light hit left the 8 pin. With a strike on his fill ball he ended with a 218 game to Belmonte's 219.

Next Sunday at 3 p.m., ESPN will open with the Super Clash, a three game match between Sean Rash, last year's TOC winner and Belmonte.

WILD TURKEY 1ST WHATEVER Women: K. Kuecker 212-544; Men: K. Blake 599; M. Wortham 582; T. Wash 564; SPRING SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST SOFA KING REAL Women: J. Reyna 212-534; Men: J. Silgero 247-718; A. Whitehead 614/582; M. Osterson 591/584; A. Williams 232-579/558; E. Smith 236-566; OVER THE HILL 1ST CHALLENGERS Women: N. Matchett 502; Men: J. Simmons 240-675; A. Garcia 218-598; E. Stevens Jr. 213-579; D. Persilver 209-577; J. Figueroa 223-566; S. Gritta 212-538; A. Hempel 537; R. Estrada 216-535; B. Alex 531; E. Lopez 515; J. Schmidt 510; RED RIVER 1ST MFP Men: M. Stacy 262-678; T. Crowe 235-666; J. Matson 257-660; A. Suarez 244-641; T. Bennett 235-628; J. Tweedle 230-620; D. Richards 234-620; S. Zeplin 618; J. Silgero 610; R. Vivero 227-607; K. Schupbach 605; M. Pahmiyer 229-602; P. Alva 596; D. Marques 594; D. Blohm 226-587; D. Matthews 586; C. Kurtz 584; W. Parker 583; L. Stroud 576; J. Molina 574; J. Wittenburg 569; D. Flores 569; M. Michalec 560; R. Kalmus 552; MONDAY MIXED 1ST SHAKE "N" BAKE Women: D. Stroud 231-588; R. Martinez 533; Men: M. Redding 242-643; J. Walden 605; T. Wash 231-604; J. Cooper 604; J. Talbott 574; B. Mooney 573; J. Vasquez 561; M. McLemore 559; R. Vasquez 550; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST K.P..S Women: C. Lee 234-607; T. Wortham 597; R. Martinez 213-559; B. Koebrick 551; J. Reyna 544; S. Guinn 541; C. Speer 224-537; O. Jackson 531; Men: M. Svatek 268-719; W. Reyna 256-702; T.J. Mooney 252-6822; D. Flores 234-661; G. Hatter Jr. 258-661; D. Matthews 237-648; B. Hyden 238-643; S. Zeplin, 227-638; T. Crowe 232-632; M. Wortham 225-629; J. Silgero 246-616; K. Stacy 607; J. Talbott 232-603; M. Michalec 602; R. Marek 233-601; R. Vivero 601; R. Gonzales 240-595; C. Aiken 242-593; B. Pontillo 586; M. Stacy 226-585; R. Fisseler 582; S. Kocian 582; R. Ellis 577; T. Bennett 576; T. Rutherford 575; R. Rendon 572; B. Jackson 571; J. Tweedle 569; M. Mathieu 565; T. Balke 563; S. Schmitt 257-563; J. Martinez 562; M. Almendarez 561; M. Rodriguez 558; L. Hall 555; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: B. Long 201-503; DOW MIXED 1ST ALLEY CATS Men: C. Doremus 618; F. Nunez 615; T. Cornelison 565; J. Rhymer 564; L. Adcock 233-563; SUNDOWNERS 1ST FULL HOUSE Women: S. Guinn 232-578; T. Garcia 213-544; T. Mason 531; D. Gillespie 519; P. Robles 514; C. Wilson 209; Men: T.J. Mooney 246-701; B. Hammack 247-698; M. Unger 298-693; D. Knowlan 259-689; K. Stasny 249-671; D. Reissig 237-668; T. Pfuhl 235-656; A. Hempel 238-633; C. Bigham 633; S. Dickinson 630; R. Kalmus 629; T. Bennett 622; D. Mergele 225-618; J. Cass 233-616; W. Reyna 611; J. Silgero 611; J. Blount 229-601; B. Korczynski 601; E. Smith 598; S. Snow 595; D. Marques 588; K. Bryan 584; L. Boyd 584; B. Marques 580; M. Flores 241-579; J. Glass 577; C. Hammack 574; G. McClain 570; G. Hatter Jr. 234-570; D. Garcia 567; M. Mathieu 566; M. Osterson 226-564; M. Posada 232-563; A. Flores 559; G. Pitts 557; J. Hernandez Sr. 556; E. Gonzales 554; S. Miller 553; E. Smith 552; M. Aubrecht 551; FRIDAY NITE TRIO 1ST GSB Men: R. Gabrysch 255-629; C. Bigham 613; C.J. Bigham 606; K. Blake 588; D. Dye 549.



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