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27 girls, young women vie for Miss Victoria crowns

July 9, 2014 at 2:09 a.m.

If you go

• WHAT: 45th annual Miss Victoria Pageant

• WHEN: 6 p.m. Saturday

• WHERE: Victoria Fine Arts Center, 1002 Sam Houston Drive, Victoria

• COST: $10 admission

• TICKETS: Can be purchased at the door or at Dance Showcase, 2505 N. Ben Jordan St., Victoria



Ashlyn Baker

Ashlyn Baker, 6, Schorlemmer Elementary, daughter of Dixie Baker and Wesley Baker

Avery Bardas

Avery Bardas, 4, daughter of Michelle Bardas and Jason Bardas

Mattie Buckert

Mattie Buckert, 6, Schorlemmer Elementary, daughter of Tasha Bennett and Matthew Buckert

Elizabeth Flores

Elizabeth Flores, 6, Dudley Elementary, daughter of Natalie Flores and Richard Flores

Reagan Horn

Reagan Horn, 4, First Baptist Day School, daughter of Jessica Weller and Richard Horn

Jolie Lambert

Jolie Lambert, 7, Vickers Elementary, daughter of Julie and Marc Gray and Joey Lambert

Kamdyn Morales

Kamdyn Morales, 6, Northside Baptist School, daughter of DeAnn Morales and Kevin Morales

Tori Patek

Tori Patek, 6, Vickers Elementary, daughter of Melissa Patek and Patrick Patek

Averie Porras

Averie Porras, 6, DeLeon Elementary, daughter of Stefanie Porras and Isaac Porras

Madalyn Rowlands

Madalyn Rowlands, 6, Mission Valley Elementary, daughter of Kingslee Mitchell and Daniel and Sarah Rowlands


Taylor Bearden

Taylor Bearden, 10, DeLeon Elementary, daughter of Jaclyn Bearden and Lee Bearden

Mia Garza

Mia Garza, 9, Faith Family, daughter of Stephanie Villareal and Emmanuel Villareal

Destiny Hodge

Destiny Hodge, 11, Patti Welder Middle School, daughter of Shannon Cantwell and Bobby Hodge

Macie Kolodziejczyk

Macie Kolodziejczyk, 8, Industrial Elementary, daughter of Shanda Kolodziejczyk and Jeffery Kolodziejczyk

Chloe Morales

Chloe Morales, 9, Vickers Elementary, daughter of Stephanie Morales and George Morales

Jillian Robles

Jillian Robles, 10, Nazareth Academy, daughter of Cheryl Robles and Adolph Robles


Jillian Brooks

Jillian Brooks, 13, Howell Middle School, daughter of Christina Brooks and David Brooks

Elizabeth Caldwell

Elizabeth Caldwell, 15, Victoria West High School, daughter of Maureen Caldwell and Vic Caldwell

Mallory Hewitt

Mallory Hewitt, 13, Howell Middle School, daughter of Mandie Hewitt and Michael Hewitt

Kelsey Kallman

Kelsey Kallman, 15, Victoria West High School, daughter of Julie Kallman and Jeff Kallman

Melody Kloss

Melody Kloss, 12, Patti Welder Middle School, daughter of Talitha Kloss and Evan Kloss

Kylee Tipton

Kylee Tipton, 13, Howell Middle School, daughter of Belinda Romanowski and Tommy Romanowski, and Robert Pereira Jr.


MacKenzie Borden

MacKenzie Borden, 15, Victoria East High School, 11th grade, daughter of Harley Borden

Kylie Hughes

Kylie Hughes, 15, Liberty Academy, 10th grade, daughter of Angela Nesloney-Stehling

Brandy Kabela

Brandy Kabela, 20, Victoria College, sophomore, daughter of Dawn Kabela and Craig Kabela

Brittany Newyear

Brittany Newyear, 18, University of Texas at San Antonio, freshman, daughter of Kay Nelms Newyear and William Karl Newyear

Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett, 17, Victoria College, sophomore, daughter of Tina Bennett

Just a few years ago, Taylor Beardon's friends would be surprised to learn she would compete in a Miss Victoria pageant.

Saying she's been described as shy, the 10-year-old Victoria girl "wanted to overcome my fear of being in front of everybody." She has two pageants under her belt now, earning a Little Miss Victoria crown in 2011, and she plans to compete again Saturday, vying for the Young Miss Victoria crown.

"I wanted to show that I could have the confidence in myself and do what other people can't," said Taylor.

Taylor joins 26 girls and young women this weekend at the Victoria Fine Arts Center for the 45th annual Miss Victoria Pageant, vying for one of four titles: Little Miss Victoria (ages 4 to 7), Young Miss Victoria (ages 8 to 11), Junior Miss Victoria (ages 12 to 15) and Miss Victoria (ages 16 to 20). The girls and young women are competing for more than $800 in cash and prizes in each category.

Contestants will participate in an opening dance routine and compete in four competitions in which they each will have a personal interview, deliver a prepared speech based on a prompt, participate in a formal wear segment and answer a final question if they become a finalist.

The Victoria competition teaches girls and young women life skills, pageant coordinator Bennett Cain said, highlighting how the contest helps with gaining confidence and acquiring networking and interviewing skills. Some contestants' parents have expressed apprehension about their children competing, Cain said.

"'They're so shy. We don't know if they'll do good,'" Cain recalled them saying, "and we tell them to just try, and they blossom."

The Victoria pageant is unlike other pageants because it focuses on the community and promotes service in it, she said.

"Ours is truly for the town of Victoria," Cain said. "We want someone who truly represents the town of Victoria. We're not in it for the crown and the glitz."



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