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Advocate Editorial Board opinion: Election will help Goliad regain public's trust

By By the Advocate Editorial Board
July 29, 2014 at 2:29 a.m.

How to file for office

• The City Council must first call the election for Nov. 4. The council is expected to do so Aug. 5.

• Candidates have until Aug. 18 to file with the city secretary.

• Candidates will be elected from at-large. The two candidates who receive the most votes will be elected.

• Whoever wins will serve until the May 2015 municipal election cycle, when they will have to file for re-election if they want to seek a full term on the council.

Election information

Early voting

• Oct. 20-31

Election day

• Nov. 4

• Only registered voters who live inside the Goliad city limits can vote in the special election.

Change is sometimes hard, we understand that.

But the change to a more transparent government in Goliad is essential to regaining the public's trust in the city's government and the people who lead the city.

Two long-time council members, the city administrator and city attorney, recently resigned.

The city will hold a special election Nov. 4 to replace the council members.

Holding a special election is a step in the right direction.

Let the people decide who will be on the ballot by allowing them to sign up. And then let the voters decide who will serve on the council.

The mayor had planned to appoint at least one member, but a lack of quorum prevented her from doing that.

An appointment by the existing council - while it would have expedited the rebuilding of the council - would not have helped build the transparency the council is seeking.

The special election will cost the city some money, but it will be money well spent to allow the public to voice their opinion.

It will take time to regain the public's trust, just as it took time for the city to get into the mess it is in.

The transparency drifted away throughout a period of years leading to bad decision making and bad loans through the Municipal Development District.

Even after the problems were brought to the public's attention through an investigation by the Victoria Advocate, the city did little to solve the problems.

But the voters spoke in May requesting changes and transparency by electing two new council members and a new mayor.

With the filing deadline approaching for the special election, it is important that good, strong candidates who believe in government transparency sign up to represent their town and to help clean up the mess that has been years in the making.

It is also essential for registered voters to elect the right people to help the mayor and existing council complete the task they have taken on.

This editorial reflects the views of the Victoria Advocate's editorial board.



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