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DeLeon students learn science through song (w/video)

By Carolina Astrain
June 14, 2014 at 1:14 a.m.
Updated June 15, 2014 at 1:15 a.m.

Isabella Garza, 8, dances with her classmates during the DeLeon Elementary School's production of "Nuts!" on May 30. Isabella was dressed as a Brazil nut in the production.

Lily Arredondo clapped her hands loudly before continuing to sing the introductory song, "That's the Circle of Life," part of DeLeon Elementary School's first-grade musical, "Nuts!"

She bent her knees and placed her hands on the sides of her face, clapping and singing in unison with the rest of her grade level.

"That's the circle of life," Lily, 7, sang aloud before clapping once more.

DeLeon music teacher Kathy Stratmann waved her arms in the air, guiding her students.

"I felt awesome," Lily said. "I felt good."

During her performance, Lily said she felt fearless and unafraid.

Her reaction came as a surprise to Lily's mother, Ashley Arredondo, who said before her daughter started rehearsals, she was a shy and timid girl.

"This has really brought out her personality," Arredondo, 26, said. "It's really brought her out of her shell - no pun intended."

A flower was wrapped around Lily's ankle as she danced on stage dressed in a Hawaiian costume.

"She's a macadamia nut," her mother said, smiling. "This program has taught them a lot - not only about science, but also it's shown them how to work with each other."

Stratmann said she strives to incorporate one of the main core subjects into her performance pieces.

"It's an excellent way to get students to pay close attention to what they're learning," Stratmann said. "It took them a lot of time to get everything down, but they were just wonderful, wonderful."

Once the performance ended, the loudest applauses was for the teachers and principals.

Stratmann's face was flushed with tears after a colleague expressed her gratitude for her work with the students and presented her with a flowery bouquet.

"It's been cool and awesome," said Lily as she walked down the hallways of the school. "I love music so much."



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