Refugio County residents celebrate tradition at fair (w/video)

Refugio County Fair rides

REFUGIO - As soon as his mother gave the vendor some cash, Jayden Cisneros raced to the top of an inflatable platform and jumped onto the waiting mechanical bull.

"Ready?" the vendor roared from the side.

Nine-year-old Jayden gave a charged "yes" as he nodded his head with eagerness. About six seconds later, the bumpy ride was over, and the young boy dusted off his dark blue jeans and was off to the next ride.

Jayden and his little sister, Cambry, had lots of options for fun Saturday afternoon at the Refugio County Fair and Rodeo, from twisting carnival rides to gorging themselves on cotton candy and funnel cakes, but their personal favorites were the bull ride and the bungee jump.

The fair kicked off two weekends ago with the Refugio County Team Roping at the Arredondo Arena and closed Saturday night with a dance featuring musicians Granger Smith and Earl Dibbles Jr.

An auction highlighted Saturday, with Abbey Hicks, 13, of Woodsboro, taking home $17,000 for her grand champion steer, Butterbean.

Melissa Cisneros said she brings her children to the county fair every year mostly to watch their dad, who ropes in the rodeo, but also to just "have a good time."

"It's entertaining," she said while watching her two children take daring dives and triple flips on the bungee jump. "They're happy - they love it."