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Victoria Livestock Show Showmanship winners

March 28, 2014 at 6:02 p.m.
Updated March 27, 2014 at 10:28 p.m.

Winners of the showmanship awards at the Victoria Livestock Show.

Multiple children won showmanship awards at the Victoria Livestock Show.

First-place showmanship winners received a belt buckle and $100.

Second-place showmanship winners received a plaque and $50.

Third-place showmanship winners received a plaque and $25.

Kevin Janak and his family donated money the awards.

Junior Rabbits:

Jared Marek, first place; Kendall Kabela, second place; Landry Seitz, third place

Senior Rabbits:

Lucas Kabela, first place; Rachel Barringer, second place; Melissa Barringer, third place

Senior Broiler:

Jessica Loredo, first place; Nathan Korczynski, second place; Carly Williams, third place

Junior Broiler:

Leah Bishop, first place; Jacob McCarthy, second place; Alyssa Marbach, third place

Junior Market Hog:

Lauren Garrett, first place; Alex Gutierrez, second place; Kaden Ramirez, third place

Senior Market Hog:

Kalyn Hempel, first place; Jeramy Baugh, second place; Kristi Hempel, third place

Junior Sweepstakes Heifer Show:

Kenzie Martinez, first place; Julie Diebel, second place; Leah Bishop, third place

Senior Sweepstakes Heifer Show:

Dustin Hempel, first place; Shelbie Van Beveren, second place; Dylan Hempel, third place

Junior Lambs:

Braden Parsons, first place; Zachary Gutierrez, second place; Payden Jacob, third place

Senior Lambs:

Melody Riley, first place; Caroline Scherer, second place; Kye Johnston, third place

Junior Goats:

Hayden Wuensche, first place; Hope Allison, second place; Carly Pickett, third place

Senior Goats:

Sarah Eastham, first place; Dustin Hempel, second place; Jordan Hoefling, third place

Junior Market Steer:

Macy Cantu, first place; Sarah Diebel, second place; Krischelle Alex, third place

Senior Market Steer:

Allan Parsons (given in remembrance of the Mark Scherer family), first place; Dylan Hempel, second place; Shelbie Van Beveren, third place

Junior Breeding Gilts:

Kaleb Coffey, first place; Carter Nelson, second place; Jenny Marbach, third place

Senior Breeding Gilts:

Briana Gutierrez, first place; Olivia Lewis, second place; Morgan Jedlicka, third place



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