Students wear T-shirts to show support for anti-bullying day

Nadya Gonzalez knows what it's like to be picked on.

Nadya, a Victoria West High School sophomore, wore a Million T-Shirt March shirt Thursday in support of National Anti-Bulling Day.

"I was bullied before when I was in eighth grade," Nadya, 16, said. "I didn't want to be at school and wanted to leave, and because of that, I would cry sometimes at school, too."

After her transfer to another school was denied, Nadya said she found a new group of friends to hang out with to keep away from her aggressors.

"This day is important so that people can know what it feels like to be bullied," Nadya said. "I've seen it happen a lot."

The program, which is now in its third year, is one of the nation's largest and most ambitious rallies to address bullying.