A Father's Strength

Tanner Fox wipes the sweat from his father's forehead, a simple task that most people take for granted. Diagnosed with ALS, Craig Fox has lost the use of his arms and relies on his family to

Breadth of hope

The Victoria Advocate explores the power of hope through a series called "A Father's Strength" and through a feature film, "Breadth of Hope," on Fox ...

After father's death, Fox children become each other's strength
Family, friends celebrate life of Craig Fox
Craig Fox's story carries on after his death
One week takes Fox family from home to hospital
Bout with pneumonia brings grim reality into view
Despite deadly disease, father finds love
Son, father find different vehicles for living with crippling, deadly disease
For family living with ALS, Father's Day will be filled with love, hope
Daughter races to raise money for father's illness