Prom Princess - Jennifer Zinke

Don’t you agree that every senior lady deserves the privilege to be a Prom Princess? A life’s journey consist of twist and turns an it is how one gets back up and handles ones self that makes you who you are in this world. We have to say that our candidate is getting that, “Slap in the Face with the Cold Towel” life’s lesson, as her sister has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and her outlook is very bleak at best. This candidate has been raised in a single parent family and has received very little support from her father since the age of 5.

She gets up at 5:00 A.M. to go to work at TSC to unload freight before attending school at Cuero High. Most of her money made from TSC goes to her Brother-in-law to help out for gas and food as they travel back and forth to MD Anderson for treatments. In between work, you might find her on the field throwing the discus or driving to Victoria to watch her three nephews for her sister.

This should be a time of carefree life and worries far less demanding and a time of fussing over their dresses and shoes, their hair and makeup, or which college to attend. However, our candidate has the lingering thought of losing her sister.

The honor of representing the Crossroads area as the first Prom Princess would reaffirm to her that there are those who have the heart and soul to judge the correct choices she has made in her short life.

As it stands now, there are no plans being made for her senior prom.

We can not think of a better way to start off the first, Victoria Advocate Prom Princess, our candidate, Miss. Jennifer Zinke.


Jon & Sandra Nichols