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Jose Enriquez | Copy Editor/Page Designer

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Call: 361-580-6313

I'm a native Texan, who, in the past four years, has lived in four different cities: Corpus Christi, Arlington, Beaumont and now Victoria.

I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington, where I majored in journalism and minored in creative writing. Passions include writing, grammar, photography and design, among many others.

When I'm not working, I'm dreaming, thinking and trying to enjoy as much out of life as I can. I thrust passion and soul into everything I do. I'm a bit of an oddball; often, I'm amused by own thoughts.

Here's a little more about me:
-- I love to laugh.
-- My favorite color is red.
-- I'm a foodie.
-- I like good craft beers and wines.
-- It's hard for me to put a good book down.
-- I stare — sometimes in deep in thought, wondering what someone is thinking or just out of curiosity.
-- I tell myself I'm spontaneous and take risk, but really, I think about all possible consequences of the risk before I engage — calculated.
-- I eat meals in pieces, usually sides before entree.