I'm a 28-year-old Yankee who learned quickly you don't mess with Texas wildlife (looong story involving a Febreze bottle and beetles so large they could eat my dog). And in my spare time, when I'm not hunting down bugs with a room-filling fresh scent, I'm also the arts and entertainment reporter for the Advocate.
Let's see, what else, what else? I have a fetish for dying my hair different colors every few months or so, I have a tendency to live so far beyond my means it's safe to say we've never actually met and my biggest pet peeve is people who are creeped out by double dipping.
I'm not much of a cook (unless you consider bread, cheese and an iron a gourmet meal...which fortunately I do), I'm a horrible driver (or so the Department of Transportation has told me...repeatedly) and I love telling dumb jokes (a dyslexic man walks into a bra).
Um...I guess the only other thing of note is that I have a male dog who I named Buffy, but just like the boy named Sue, it only makes him stronger.


Sidney, Ohio



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