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  • Beenhereawhile 

    Pretty snazzy neighborhood for someone who has a limited income! I doubt he could even afford the rent. Wonder who gave him that sweet deal?

    At least he's off the streets for a bit - something the DA was never able to do. Now the children in Westpark can play safely this Memorial Day weekend.

    Karma is all I have to say.

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  • Beenhereawhile 

    dustin69, here you are again commenting on something you are confused about. YOU are the very person who needs to do the research about what is correct before offering up your inaccurate opinion. Of course you are entitled to your opinion.

    YOU clearly did not follow the entire case to make that judgment call about the Chief. I doubt you even read the documents published here in PDF form. And I can see that you no nothing of fraud laws either.

    Education is your friend - we have 2 very nice campuses here. You can WORK while attending one and make your parents happy. Basement living is no good.

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  • Beenhereawhile 

    MattOcker, both instances are a bit troublesome. The fact that you want a silencer and Mr. Tyler's disregard of the Constitution. I'm conflicted because both bother me equally.

    archiebonkers, quite frequently I've heard about Mr. Tyler quoting laws that were incorrect. Only later when researched was it discovered that he had quoted a dog leash law in place of something else. Everyone has such a great laugh about these mistakes. But Mr. Tyler certainly believes they are accurate at the time.

    dustin, nice of you to wake up and comment on something you are confused about again. It's time to move out of your Mother's basement and get a job or attend a college.

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  • Beenhereawhile 

    MattOcker, didn't Mr. Tyler make the statement that it wasn't about "what the law stated, but how *HE* interpreted it?" Goodness me!! Maybe Mr. Tyler is using his own interpretation of the US. Constitution. That would certainly explain some of his decisions in court. Mr. Tyler wields the power by serving a million subpoenas.

    Perhaps Mr. Tyler will start the youth programs and hire Ratcliff to be in charge of them.

    I do think it's a pitiful that Mr. Tyler made no mention on how he could improve and benefit the residents of Victoria. I never got the feeling that he BELIEVED in Victoria. Or the victims.

    By the way, I'm not sure what "working in the yard" means to Mr. Tyler since there is a Yard Service working on the yard right now. I just drove by checking on one of my clients and noticed them. I suppose that is another interpretation of the language.

    And anytime Mr. Tyler feels like giving up, let someone know so we can organize a moving crew and help him move along to another city. Many people in Victoria are just so over him and so tired of the whole Tyler Fiasco. Who are the 5 Most Powerful People above Mr. Tyler?

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  • Beenhereawhile 

    VBB, You are right in stating that some people will not leave Victoria if a few of these events are not funded. But I do have one question for you - did Victoria grow during these times? I don't believe it grew like it should have. And will Victoria grow if some of these things are not offered?

    I'd love to keep the top notch hospitals we have staffed with enough qualified nurses graduating from our fine Nursing Program having attended our nice colleges. I'd love to see kids learning things in our new schools, enjoying our lovely parks and playgrounds and then enjoying a weekend visit to the zoo with their families. (and that was serious run-on sentences)

    We will never have these things if something isn't on the Visitor's Brochure to draw new families here. Cities are in competition for residents. We are in competition for businesses to build here.

    I'm curious myself now as to what other Cities the size of Victoria has to offer. I'm going to do my homework and I'll present it.

    And Legion, many of these organizations do charge a membership fee. I seriously doubt that fee is enough to support the group and the expenses involved. These organizations are vital to the growth of Victoria.

    I don't have an answer to your other questions. Maybe you should present it to the CC Members at the next meeting. I'd be interested in an answer as well.

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  • Beenhereawhile 

    VBB, I agree with you. People in charge of money can and often do distribute it foolishly. But I'm not sure I can say that about the CC members here in Victoria (on this topic). That is also why citizen involvement is crucial to our government to run successfully.

    Is the solution cutting out funding for organizations that no longer benefit some residents because of age or health? I don't think so. That surely isn't looking forward.

    Money could probably be saved here and there on the budget I'm sure. But since I doubt any of us have even seen the entire budget, we are in no position to make these decisions. We can shout and cry louder but that's not really the solution either.

    And by the way, what is up with the Powers that Be wording you keep using? I have never heard that expression until I started reading the forum here. Weird. It's as if a secret force is running Victoria - like say, the Force?

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  • Beenhereawhile 

    3rdParty, Wow! You sure got offended at the suggestion of being prejudice. And thank you for your family tree run down (does think that someone did protest a bit much there). However, the Black Chamber of Commerce is the only organization that you mentioned to cut funds from several times.

    I thought I did have a very good argument to support my position. And I felt I presented it well. I did - but you are very closed minded about other people's point of view.

    Again, I'm glad that the City Council Members have special interest groups that they support. All of the CC members have special interest groups - I've seen them talk about their groups during the meetings. As a matter of fact, some of the CC Members appointed citizens to represent their groups for awhile at the last meeting I attended. Is that in itself not representing the best interest of the citizens of Victoria?

    I understand that you were against the new Skate Park as well. That is a crying shame. It is something for our youth and something nice for the future of Victoria.

    While you may think all these organizations (the Zoo, the Skatepark, the Performing Arts, the CHILDREN'S Discovery Museum) are wasteful and unnecessary, there are many people who do believe in them.

    I'm sure there are many who believe that Victoria should just stay put and never grow. I feel very sorry for the opportunities that they are missing. Victoria will shrink and die if not fed with opportunities for the next generations.

    I'm sorry that I "sicken" you with my view point of wanting to build a better future for our next generation. By the way, just for the record - I don't think you are really prejudice against any races at all - you are just prejudice against any growth in Victoria that might benefit the future youth.

    Go down and enjoy one of our parks and watch the young families visiting and the children laughing. It'll do your crusty old soul good.

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  • Beenhereawhile 

    3rdParty, and I'm surprised you are so prejudice (funding the Black Chamber of Commerce really bugs you, doesn't it). I also never once stated that I was on board with the sidewalk deal downtown - you assumed that.

    I'll do my homework on the homeless percentage in Victoria and get back with you. You again are assuming that you know where I stand on the homeless situation.

    Also, I noticed you didn't get up at the one CC meeting and speak when low-income housing was discussed for John Stockbauer. Nor did you post any comments on the issue showing your support for the apartment complex. You aren't really for funding programs for the homeless.

    I have to add that if you take funds from the "entertainment" avenue and shuffle it to the "homeless", you aren't really saving money - just moving it around.

    I haven't looked at the budget to even make a reasonable suggestion as to where to save money. That is why I elect people as City Council members and then go to CC meetings to assure they are doing their "job."

    Cities have to look toward the future striving for growth in every economic situation. This city sat still far too long and it's nice to see the expansion. It's very refreshing that Victoria CC members have decided to invest in the future of our children.

    New schools are being built, nice museums and zoos are funded, we have a sports complex, a mall, several hospitals, a nice library, new biking trails and college expansions.

    I'd have to say that Victoria Officials have done a great job planning for the future, enticing new businesses to open up and inviting new residents. All these things are investments in the future and none of them are free.

    You fight hard for your point of view and I'll fight just as hard for mine. I've lived in this City my entire life and I am so glad that the City is finally moving forward.

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  • Beenhereawhile 

    3rdParty, I applaud Mr. Wyatt for pushing his "special interest" group funding through. It shows that he was looking out for the community and the future of Victoria growth.

    If you look at the stats, we have far fewer homeless people than any other city this size. We also have Christ's Kitchen to feed the hungry and the Salvation Army gives them shelter. I'm sure they can always use your volunteer help.

    I'm not keen on funding organizations that cater to a very few select people. I am sorry that these people have issues and need care though.

    But if you start cutting out funding for organizations for the Texas Zoo, The Discovery Museum or The Performing Arts, residents will pack up and leave. Victoria will offer nothing of interest. You are missing the big picture here.

    By the way, I don't work at any of these places - I merely enjoy them with my family. And this is the nicest Zoo and Park we have ever had.

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  • Beenhereawhile 

    ALS, I can assure you that I am NOT Don Mader. Why do you think that several people (who by the way, don't happen to agree with you) are the same poster?

    Also, the some of the staff at the Advocate knows who I am and they know that I'm not Don. So get your panties out of a wad and relax.

    I don't like Mr. Hagan and I've been pretty upfront about that for the past year. I don't like him because Mr. Hagan has not contributed anything positive to Victoria. He has no track record other than griping and throwing little baby hissy fits.

    I bet that just chaps you good that some people actually go get files and read things for themself. And I bet it kills you even more that I was in court and you have no clue who I am.

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