May 24, 1976


If my life were a scantron test, I'd be one of those answers along the lines of "D. - All of the Above."

What can I say? I enjoy life and the little adventures (and misadventures) it throws our way. I can be way too honest; I'm also prudent to a fault at times. I may appear to be non-committal because of this... but trust me, I'm 120% passionate when I get behind a certain cause or assignment.

Judging by the preceding paragraph, I love throwing punctuation marks around like I was Jackson Pollock making art. Not that I make art, mind you, at best I make interesting messes. (laughs to self)

I like to write. I think communication can save the world. If you can convey your thoughts and feelings effectively, you can resolve most types of conflict. I'm an optimist and yet still a cynic. I'm a paradox of sorts, it seems.

I may well be the most avid film connaisseur you'll ever meet. Although I admit I can be a real movie snob, I'm usually viewing anything (and then giving my opinion on it).

I sporadically write and post my movie reviews in other corners of the internet. In fact, I tend to fancy myself as an amatuer film reviewer.  But I'm willing to go pro if anyone wants to draft me.

Thanks for reading.
I'll try and keep things humble yet interesting.