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  • JeffLyon 

    I don’t normally write items commenting on news stories. However this morning I read the story about the lady being attacked by a pit bull and I thought to myself why anyone would want to own such an aggressive pet. Ironically while I was pulling out of my driveway, I saw a light brown pit bull with a white chest near my house. You could tell she recently had puppies. I rolled down my window and she scampered away. As I pulled further down my driveway, I saw a black pit bull standing over my granddaughter’s 5 pound white cat. The cat was mauled, bloodied and of course dead. I got out of my car and start towards the dog and it squared off at me and moved towards me. I got back in my car and called animal control.

    This dog was the aggressor. It came upon my property. It attacked and killed a 5 pound deaf cat that has no real fear of dogs and this cat spends a majority of time on my property, front yard and back yard with my own non aggressive dogs.

    It’s time the city ban all pit bull breeds from the city limits. And if the county had any sense, they would do the same. There is no reason to call an animal a “pet” when the aggressive behavior can cause injury or death.

    I have no idea who owns a black pit bull and a female light brown pit pull in the downtown Victoria area, but I will find out. And if you are the owner of those pit bulls and they come upon my property, I will deliver two dead pit pulls to your front door. If I find your pit bulls running around downtown, I will call animal control, have them picked up and I will encourage the destruction of your “pet”.

    This is probably un-popular with pit bull owners, but when this breed is known more for its aggressive and deadly behavior; it is time to ban this breed from the city limits of Victoria.

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  • JeffLyon 

    Denise Rangel was elected by the voters of District 1. Mr. Perez, she has done nothing wrong, illegal or unethical. Denise Rangel, during the discussion of the sewer plant, did her research and homework and she made the best logical vote for all of the citizens of Victoria.

    Denise Rangel is now our District 1 ELECTED city council representative and I support her. I may not always agree with her now or in the future, but I have found her to be open and accessible and I'm confident she will do the best job possible.

    It's time to move on.

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  • JeffLyon 

    Planning for growth is an asset that Dr. Tim Hudson has brought to the table for UHV. Additionally Dr. Hudson’s vision for growth for UHV is something that is not just rhetoric. His vision and planning has helped UHV turn into a 4 year university. Let's take advantage of the momentum.

    While it is wise to purchase the hotel on Business 59 for student housing, UHV will still be faced with an early realization that they have outgrown their current campus. If the growth of UHV continues at the current rate, I’m in agreement that in three to five years our UHV campus will not be able handle projected enrollment.

    If UHV does in fact have an opportunity to gain hundreds of acres of donated land, then the University of Houston System needs to encourage the administration of UHV to start planning now for this anticipated growth and to avoid becoming a landlocked and fragmented university campus.

    We will need land for the future for UHV, let’s make sure that we have a plan that enables Victoria to have a quality university that students, alumni and the citizens of Victoria will be proud of. We need to move forward.

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