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  • Johnanthonylara 

    I will support the President of the United States 100%.

    Anyone that knows me, can attest that I am supportive of President Obama and very critical at the same time, but for different reasons. My position and comments do not serve any one party, people, my personal well being, or individual (including Barrack Obama the man).

    I stand for better or worst with my country, even as I despute the actions of our current government that attempts to place itself above the American people.

    President Obama is the right person, in the right place, at the right time for my country and the well being of all Americans.

    When I say all Americans, I mean Americans living now that love our country more than themselves and those yet to be.

    To place significance on what "history" will remember of President Obama, divides attention from important work and we have much to do as one people.

    An example of this division fostered by small mindedness, is a member of the supreme court commenting as to whether states would have joined the union after the immigration decision.

    We must not do the work of our enemies, we need to support our president in building an America that is strong, honorable, and free. If this does not happen and we rest on passed accomplishments, placing blame through smallminded and selfishness it will be all living now that share in the shame our children and gandchildren will carry.

    At a time when America saw change in the world we failed to meet this change, as Americans.

    That will be how we are remembered, if we do not act as one.

    President Obama has overwhelming support of our military and those families reunited, because despite war-hawks desire to continue a wrongful course of action President Obama honored their sacrifice.

    I support President Obama 100%.

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  • Johnanthonylara 

    EXTREME FEMINISM, huh? Extreme anything is bad, hence applying the term "extreme", as you have taken something to extreme.

    Also, to imply that a males capacity to reproduce be associated with manhood is in error; they are boys who can impregnate girls.

    A female, that pursues a course of action depending on long-term cooperation of a another party is not a feminist.

    In otherwards, those females are not women but non-feminist girls.

    A true feminist, does not depend on anyone in order to respondsibly validate their actions; because a feminist by design is dedicated to self-reliance, responsibility, and accountability.

    A true feminist, would not desire an irresponsible boy in a man's body.

    I'm just saying.

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  • Johnanthonylara 

    My American dream is still the same, as when I was around 5 years of age.

    I'm 37 or 38 now, depends if my woman is around to correct me. Also, I realized my American dream around 6 years ago; except for one thing, children.

    I never wanted money but for the most part, when I need some it's just a matter of picking some up. I mentioned that, because most people tend to associate money with realizing their dreams.

    I have peace of mind, security, and living a humble but descent life. Occassionally, I'm the drama queen but really more money, popularity, or things would not make a real difference in my life.

    My dream was simply to be free and make my place in the world on my own terms, with the opportunities that my intelligence and skills could achieve.

    A merit life, not a privilege life, I saw as a child surrounded by very wealthy people in Victoria and other places what mattered.

    I wanted a merit life, not just one built on merit but deserving of a good man not corrupted or cruel.

    Nice post Mike, I'm glad you are feeling better don't take things so seriously. The only thing that matters in the world is, love.

    It's the only thing you can take with you.

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  • Johnanthonylara 

    lol, Google yourself and know what the world knows about you. I have alerts on John Anthony larva sent to me. I Google everyone I meet and know online and in real life, even do criminal checks. Its sad, everyone is more interesting than me. Its funny, arrest records.

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  • Johnanthonylara 

    Way to go woman!

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  • Johnanthonylara 

    Something to consider, I’m just saying.

    1.Searches in Facebook will bring up Victoria Advocate more often, because of the way Facebook is designed. That was one of the arguments Google had online, with searches related to Google and Facebook.

    2.Accessing your personal information is much easier.

    3.More control over advertising, not sure if Victoria Advocates team of “egg heads” know this but as I do not get paid, figure it out.

    4.The United States government has been quietly and secretly pressuring social networks to create backdoors and making available personal information of users. Not to imply that the Victoria Advocate has had any correspondence with Homeland Security, the F.B.I., etc…

    5.Facebook has pretty much bend over for the Government.

    6.With Facebook’s API’s, less work for the Victoria Advocates “egg heads”, more time to goof off.

    7.Able to access friends list of users, to expand user base.

    8.I really can go on but why?

    Why does any company do anything, to do something that has the potential to make more money or reduce cost, duh!

    The biggest concern, if I was an average person would be privacy but as that I’m not; I really don’t care. This will be a great help to law enforcement's cyber division, sorry guys, it will!

    I’m sure the Victoria Advocate, knows nothing about that, lol! Using Facebook, makes it easier for cyber cops to do their job, I even had one tell me this to my face once.

    So, go ahead and get in line with the rest of America.

    I’m waiting to see if Buffet makes Victoria Advocate an offer to sell out, or has he already?

    Do you guys have stock, lol, seriously, lol.

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  • Johnanthonylara 

    Scientist, engineers, and geniuses work with corporations and governments to create what is termed “artificial intelligence”.

    Their goal is to develop a computational design that fosters human like critical thinking skills and independent UI and API interface initiatives.

    It’s funny because they are capable of believing this but many, are still unable to believe we are a part of a greater designed. That perhaps, our critical thinking skills are being developed towards a greater than human or any sequential life forms immediate understanding.

    That it is inconceivable the design itself, is life.

    Interesting post and as always, most enjoyable.

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  • Johnanthonylara 

    : ) sorry mike if I appeared a bit out. Technology is funny, spent 2 decades on that, current and com is required. With out both, battles are a numbers game.

    Just saying

    I'm not worried about thugs, they know where I am, waste of time.

    I am harmless, and I plan my life out in decades; I'm very good with probabilities.

    : ) have a good one too mike.

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  • Johnanthonylara 

    Although I have not served, I have worked in defense of the United States of America. My loyalty, is to the United States of America and I would gladly lay my life down in defense of my country.

    Republicans and Democrats in office have betrayed their oath, to the constitution of the United States of America. Our country is in such dysfunction because they do not place the United States of America above the interest of the Republican and Democratic party.

    If any should be labeled terrorist or insurgent, it should be the Democratic and Republican party.

    How much have their legislative actions destroyed the future of our country, compared to all acts of foreign terrorism?

    So, now who is the biggest threat.

    Do something?

    I pray to God, they just stop doing what they are already doing!

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  • Johnanthonylara 

    Country and government are two different things. The government consist of the 20 million or so individuals asserting authority over the 300 million, living right now. The country, is the 300 million minus those corrupt and treasonous manipulative power hungry bought and paid for men in suits.

    What determines patriots and insurgents, is not the label of the corrupt and their subordinates and associates, but why people are willing to fight and die.

    Why, makes all the difference.

    Remember, the first American Revolution was fought by people who the establishment labeled as insurgents or terrorist.

    George Washington, was at one time labeled an insurgent or terrorist. If a government, acts in the interest of it's people then there will be no need for rebellion.

    They have had around 200 years, how many more and how many more American lives need to sacrificed on the alter of power hungry corrupt men that hide behind "labels".

    I'm just saying.

    I watch the weather, that's my news.

    It's simply, the government has failed and in order for the country to be made whole; the government needs to be completely replaced.

    A reboot, if you will.

    It doesn't have to be scary or romanticized. The Oklahoma incident, was evil

    But, the government did not begin cracking down until Arab Americans legally entered the United States and committed the same act; only with more people.

    I stood on the ground just a week after the Okc incident, I cried for the children and families. I feel to my knees, when I speak of violence do not think that I do so lightly.

    I hate violence but I understand that the corrupt government is spineless and uses thuggery to achieve it's goals.

    The military serves the constitution, which is independent of any human authority except the American people as a whole.

    The government actions have weaken the people economically and socially, so that there is never a chance of true reform.

    It's just mathematically improbable.

    Only, completely replacing the federal government would work.

    I'm just saying.

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