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    I am very proud of these three wonderful doctors who have served this community and who are now standing up for themselves. This is not about Citizens vs DeTar but is in fact about the injuctice done to these doctors. Both hospitals should be honored to have these doctors practicing at their hospital. Dr Parikh can be found at the hospital late into the night working dilegently on his patients. He really cares for his patients. Once he has seen you, he can remember just about everything about his patient. That means alot to me as I see doctors who can't even remember the patients name they have been treating for years. Dr Chandna is one of the leading doctors in the cardiac studies that better our lives. He has an amazing passion for cardiology. It is more than a job. He has been working to help people with cardiac problems live and live a life worth living with his research efforts. Dr Galla spends time with his patients and listens, truly listens to his patients concerns and adresses them. He is sweet and compassionate to his patients. He is gentle and supportive of his patients. These are 3 doctors that we can afford to loose in our community. We have to sent so many patients out of our community to see specialist of all kinds because doctors do not want to come to Victoria, so why would (or should) we treat the doctors here (that have chosen to be here) so poorly making them want to move off. My preference is DeTar Hospital. I have always enjoyed the care, compassion, and professional service that I have received there but I feel that both hospitals are desperately needed in Victoria. These doctors are desperately needed in Victoria and should have the rights to service their patients at either hospital. Wake up Victoria, and welcome the blessings that we have!

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