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  • LauraKinnison 


    I understand your confusion. It does not mention men.

    This letter was written with the intention of sending it to all the men in my email address book. You may have friends who received this as an email. It was also sent to our County Judge and the Commissioners Court as well as the Mayor and our City Council. With the exception of Denise Rangel, all are men, and that made the letter make sense. When I ‘converted’ it to a letter to the editor, I failed to add the men in. It was nothing more than an oversight on my part, and thank you for pointing it out. I hope I’ve cleared up the confusion.

    This is a community-wide awareness event and is why our City and County leaders were especially invited. As I said in the letter, “What I want you to do is not only take a stand by attending this event, but to step up and tell your friends to take a zero tolerance stance. Until a community says it will no longer tolerate sexual violence, how can we possibly expect to lessen, if not eliminate, this violence?” When the leaders of a community and the men of a community step up, much can be accomplished. Historically, females have been the most vocal about stemming sexual violence. We’re just giving the men a chance to participate. Men listen to men.

    Thank you for your interest. Perhaps I’ll see you there!

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