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  • MzTx 

    I just love how Haters us the CDC statistics but don't understand them. CDC clearly states that Dog statistics are Innaccurate, because while a Lab/ Rott is considered a Mutt and goes into a completely different category as a Lab or Rott, a Lab/Rott/ Pit is considered a " Pit Bull" rather than a MUTT.

    You can KILL all breeds of " Pit Bulls", but nothing will bring back those lives from other Breeds. Who the Fucc are you to choose who's life is more important.

    Now you want to bring up dog fighting- there are more than 20 Breeds used for Dog Fighting & Bull/ Bear/ Hog baiting. Why only single out the " Pit Bull" for that Fault- a Human created these Breeds.

    Kill all " Pit Bulls" and Thugs will just use another !
    Kill all " Pit Bulls" and Breeders will just Create more....

    People wake up & get out of LALALAND- All dog attacks can be Prevented, but while you are here waisting time blaming the Lower Being( a DOG)- the Human gets away with everything.

    Kill all Pit Bulls and there will still be Attacks & Deaths- the problem is not solved.

    There are more than 5 Millions Registered APBTs in America & less than 20 deaths a year from that Breed- so it obviously isn't the Breed.

    " BSL is based on the erroneous notion that certain breeds are genetically more dangerous. There are 2 important principles that have emerged from research in Behavior & Genetics;(1) that virtually all behavior is Influenced by genes, but;(2) that virtually NO Behavior is Determeined by Genes. Simply put, even if certain breeds were genetically more dangerous; it does not follow that they will necessarily be more Dangerous."

    Here are some more ACCURATE STATISTICS FOR YOU from the

    More than 53 million registered dogs- 334,000 people will be admitted to the ER in the US. More than 1/2 of those attacks are to children under than age of 12. In more than 90% that Child was Left alone with that DOG. ( parents fault they should be in jail)
    Over 80% of those attacks were from UNNEUTERED MALES.

    AVMA " 1st a dogs tendency to bite depends on at least 5 interacting factors; heredity, early experience, socialization, training , health ( med & behavioral) & the Victims Behavior"

    CDC " Decreasing dogs bites requires active & ongoing community involvement; passive or Periodic alternations will not solve this Problem"

    CDC & AMVA are both against BSL ! Just FYI !

    Even National Geographic Channel proved that APBTs aren't the Strongest Breed... Just check out " Dog bite Force" and " Dog attack styles" on Youtube. A Mastiff/ Am Bulldog/ Rott & GS all had a Higher PSI than the " Pit".

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  • MzTx 

    A Pit Bull is a Loaded Gun, and just like that Loaded Gun, it is the Human behind it who is 110% Responsible . After a Man is killed by a Bullet, it isn't the Gun that is Destroyed ( killed). No, the Human who pulled the Trigger is- Not only sentenced to Jail/ Fines & Restrictrions on owning a Gun . But has to take Classes & License to Own One.
    How Weak of a Human Being are You to Blame a Dog, for a human's Ignorance/ Irresponsiblilty.
    You can KILL all of the " Pit Bull" breeds, but that doesn't Stop the Fighters/ Thugs from Dog Fighting, or Creating more. " Pit Bulls" are NOT the Only dogs used for dog fighting or bull/bear Baiting. Shiit, the Ridgebacks were created to Kill Lions, but u damn the pit bull for dog fighting?? Talk about Ignorance !
    If all Pit Bulls are so Dangerous, why aren't there Millions of Deaths a Day by them ?
    Why are there Fatalities by Several other Breeds, if only pit bulls are so bad ?

    We need to make it Harder, for the Wrong People to Own these Breeds !

    1. It should be a Felony for anybody w/ a Violent/Drug or Criminal History to own a " Pit Bull " ( Felony for each dog)
    - This should apply to all dogs- they don't just torture People & pits
    2. Every Pit should be Fixed( Only unless a Taxed & Reputable Breeder ) Tax $$ will go to Local Shelters
    - This should apply w/ all dogs. All shelters are filled w/ all breeds
    3. There should be FENCING REQUIRMENTS, no more 4ft tall Chain-Link Fences. ( that is just a Hop to these breeds )
    - 6ft or Taller Wooden Fences( Brink, Ironect...) This should Apply to all breeds
    There isn't just a Stray problem w/ Pits, but all dogs.
    4 All Pit Owners should go through Training & Classes, prior to Owning one. ( this should apply to all dogs )
    - #1 reason dogs are in Shelters are because of Simple Training Mishaps. ( Dogs pees on floor, Dog tears up furniture, Won't stop Barking, ect... ect...ect ) or people, don't have time for the dog anymore.

    You continue to Blame the Dog, & those dog fighters r going to continue fighting & terrorizing our communities. Those Breeders will continue Pimping their dogs & Puppy Mills, Dogs will continue to Escape & Irresponsible owners will be allowed to own & breed as many dogs as they like.

    Let's try my Way for a While, mine ends w/ Education , your's still ends in Death.
    Oh, but that's ok since it isn't Your Dog - Right ?

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