Pythagoras is obviously a borrowed name from antiquity. A rather famous and certainly underestimated name as was the individual who owned it before it was borrowed here. Chosen for the moment by its new owner for the inspiration it has given on this new journey.
Pythagoras was born in Victoria, De Tar to be exact. The ides of October have been very good so far to this world traveling, student of leadership, engineering and ancient history. He grew up on the coast, in what was once the tiny sea fairing town of Port O’ Connor, Texas. Running wild and free with the rest of the towns adolescent hooligans he shaped the individual he is today.
Moving away from what his mother thought was a substandard school system about the high school years he would continue to mold who he was attending the late, great Stroman High School as Raider. On a book shelf outside the office of Janet Kobza, there rested a course catalog with an airplane on the cover. “Hmm this’ll do.”
Off we go into the wild blue yonder, sort of. Well, actually not at all. After 2 years of spinning his wheels at junior college he made the decision to go for the whole shebang and headed west to a place he still calls home, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. There he would learn immeasurable lessons about who he was and who could be. One graduation down and a slew of new experiences wait just beyond that threshold that life would lay at his feet.
Once again the wild blue yonder would call, and then hang up abruptly. Fort Rucker Alabama would be the next stop for knowledge. This place would lay the foundation for the knowledge learned in the coming years that would eventually save his life and the lives of his fellow soldiers. It would also be the place that he would learn about marriage and separation. Another graduation down and off to join his wife in their new home state of Colorado.
Colorado would prove to be filled with the biggest challenges of his life thus far. His marriage would fail, he would become a leader among men and he would make a life time of friends not to ever be forgotten. After traveling between Los Angeles and Denver for over two years it would be time to set roots. Denver was the obvious and best choice as it was close to his travel, future work and his soldiers.
Soon after attempting to settle down Pythagoras would get the word that it was time to pay the ultimate sacrifice. Leaving all he had behind to help save lives on the battle field of Iraq. There was no question or doubt but there was a lot of work to do and he set forth to do it without hesitation.
Returning from Iraq much wiser and with a new perspective it was time for him to get on with life. There was still much work to do, healing his wounds, settling back into his job and facing new challenges of a life that had been put on hold for nearly two years. Leaning a shoulder in to the stiff breeze he makes his way towards his goals and desires one leg of the journey at a time.