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    Dear Editor,

    Recently we were confronted with a theft in our community of Sarco located south of Goliad off of FM 2441.
    Our neighbor came home alone at night after a hard day at work and taking care of her family. She is by herself and ask nothing of anyone, but to live her life and to be able to do her best to help her husband and children and do her job well.

    The night of Thursday October 28th opened our eyes that we have a problem in Goliad County, that the people that we depend on to protect and serve us either don’t understand what their jobs involve or they just don’t care. I hope we find that they will have the courage to change the way they conduct themselves in these situations and that they will be guided to give themselves to do their very best at their job they have committed to.
    We thank the officer that went beyond his duty to make sure the law protected our neighbor and that the equipment that was taken was returned and that the people involved understand that what they did was wrong.

    The reason I’m not giving the name of the neighbor is that we want to protect her and her family from anymore wrong doing. I do want to give you the name of the man that did all he could to make sure that we are protected under the law. Mr. Rubin San Miguel who serves us as a DPS officer put aside his time to serve us and to do what was right, giving his time and knowledge to make sure the situation was taken care of. This was not his job but he was asked to help and he made it known to the people involved that they needed to do what was right.

    I appreciate this man and thank the people of the Sheriffs department for doing their job. It took four days for our Sheriffs’ department to actually look into the theft. We were lucky that we had the information to help them to actually get the problem solved, but would we have had the same luck if we hadn’t of had that information available? Mr. Brumby as Sheriff needs to make sure that his officers have the training to do their job and that everyone is cross trained to be able to fill in for others if that person is not able to do the job, and to contact people immediately after an incident to make sure every avenue is being covered. We do understand this cost money and that he has an obligation to watch the budget, but at what cost to the community and their safety? I understand from others that this is not just a one time incident, so we do have a problem and it need s to be fixed.

    I myself ,and I assume the citizens of Goliad County expect the people we elect to office to do the very best job they can to the best of their ability. We put our trust and faith into these people and everyone needs to be treated equally under the law, without prejudice.

    Respectfully submitted, Linda Jones

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