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  • StandupBeHeard 

    I see the importance of the shock and awe factor in regard to issues ranging from civil rights to venerial disease to abortion. What I would like Mr. Tasin to explain is how he justifies exposing young children to these explicit images. I do not let my 4 year old watch movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre so I am not sure about that correlation. It was nice of him to guide Rebecca to a link on the whereabouts of the offensive signs in the area. However, I know that most of us with a housefull of children don't have time to map out our traveling plans in Victoria according to where Mr. Tasin will be standing. Why should we have to? Is it really the Catholic Church's responsibility to put a leash on Mr. Tasin? Obviously many people are offended by the sign. Mr. Tasin, could you choose a less offensive manner in supporting your cause for our children's sake?

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