We support Texas A&M Victoria legislation for the future of higher education in Victoria.

Texas A&M is a tier-one university with a proven track record of campuses in smaller communities across Texas. Texas A&M offers world-class education opportunities -- the ability to recruit students for a Victoria destination campus with an alumni base of former students that are leaders in business, industry and politics.

We thank the University of Houston system for its past contributions to Victoria. The U of H system has a vision and a goal for tier-one status and becoming the finest metropolitan university in the state. We applaud and support this goal.

The University of Houston system’s actions regarding Victoria indicate no long-term vision for our community. Victoria’s education, business, economic and political leaders have a vision for growth, student achievement and economic development for our city and county.

After long months of study, and negotiations by the Crossroads Commission on Education, it became clear that the goals of Victoria and the University of Houston system were different.

It is evident that Victoria needs to move in a new direction. We support representative Geanie Morrison’s House Bill 2556 and its bold vision of bringing Texas A&M to Victoria.

Join the growing number of people and organizations supporting Texas A&M Victoria!