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  • TxBohemian 

    Hopefully this "memorial" will be taken care of better than the one by Chubbys (or whatever it's called now).

    Was in that area 5-6 months ago and saw it across the road and I thought someone dumped a buch of trash there.

    I guess we'll see in a few months, a year, or few down the road.

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  • TxBohemian 

    ""I believe they should be cared for, then returned to their country," Jackie Dick, receptionist, Victoria"

    I agree with the "...returned to their country" but after they pay their medical expenses! Or maybe Jackie Dick can pay for it.

    ""They should be treated and allowed to stay, just like the rest of us," Tommy Means, Subway, Victoria"

    Hey now, Tommy Means, what do you mean "like the rest of us"? My family came here LEGALLY!!!
    Maybe someone needs to check Tommys status...

    ""After everything they've been through, it would be nice if they could be given a green card and allowed to work here," Bob Johnston, retired, Victoria"

    Really Bob? They come here illegally, have a wreck and that's good enough for you?
    Instead of a green card let's let Bob take care of them!

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  • TxBohemian 
  • TxBohemian 

    d6975 wrote:
    "...the morons with discount tire, stacking them on one side of town..."

    Morons?!?! Really?!?!?
    When have you ever been to Discount tire, any of them, and not had to wait to have your car worked on??

    They generate tons of business so it evidently works for them, even if they are put right next door to one another!

    If I didn't have a ride I'd much rather drop my car off at a place where I could walk to the mall, or Wal-mart, or Sams instead of having to hang out at the garage for an hour or two.

    So again I ask: Morons?

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  • TxBohemian 

    Really?! Black magic?!?!
    Guess I'm not familiar with the "black magic" she is talking about.

    This brings up questions:
    What are the rules, if any, on placing signs like this?

    I realize the candidates want everyone to see their sign but sometimes, like at intersections, they are placed in such a way that they hamper a clear view.
    You have to pull farther up to, or into, the intersection to see around them.

    Also, is there a time limit as to when these should be taken down after the election?
    And if so who is to be contacted if the sign is still there after the alloted time expires?

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  • TxBohemian 

    She's like a female "Sheldon Cooper"!!

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  • TxBohemian 

    jvjesse838 wrote:
    "He should die the same way the family was killed by a bullet!!!"

    Nah, too good for this pos.
    Maybe a few bulletts, starting at the bottom and working your way up!

    And then do like Judge Roy Bean;

    Hang him!!

    But unfortunately us taxpayers will keep this creep alive for the next 10 yrs, at least.

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  • TxBohemian 

    Yeah, I had the same questions/confusions reading this story.
    Either very bad details or terrible writing by the reporter.

    Cernys kids were shot in the morning in Laredo,
    her body was found in the evening in EC,
    the EC police contacted Larado police at midday concerned about this family, but evidently her body has not been found yet!


    However the events took place this is tragic!!

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  • TxBohemian 

    radiobabe wrote:
    "...I don't know what kind of policy you can get for $400 a month..."

    Nor do I radiobabe, however I was commenting on the familymans salary/ins comparison.
    He came up with the $400 premium, perhaps he knows where there is this type of policy.

    Seems to me you are comparing apples to oranges with the $1200 ins. of your "small buisiness".
    I could be wrong but I don't think Caterpillar is considered a "small buisiness".

    I'm still waitng for an answer to my first question about the salary at Caterpillar.

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  • TxBohemian 

    Ok, what is a "warrant search"?

    And if there needs to be copters and dogs, isn't that kinda like a jail break?
    I mean, in my eyes, if they need this type of equipment someone is severely evading arrest, or really not wanting to be served.
    Shouldn't local residents should be on alert?

    Perhaps it's just a drill.

    Maybe I watch too much CSI !!

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