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  • VictoriaSymphonyLeague 

    President Mary Jane Schurtz called the meeting to order of the Victoria

    Symphony League at the Victoria Women's Clubhouse on March 14,

    2012. Cydney Nichols and Michelle Hall were introduced as guests,

    and recognized new members, Francisca Watts and Marsha

    Ricottelli. La Nell Billings, Secretary, read the minutes of the last

    meeting. LeOlive Rogge, Treasurer, read the Financial Report. Debbie

    Durham, Education Coordinator, read a

    lengthy, exciting report.

    She thanked Mary Anne Wright for her assistance at the Piano

    Master Class at VC. Noted 1,919 students/teachers attended the Peter

    and The Wolf Concert. Several heartwarming thank you notes were

    shared. Noted that 5,326 were served to date.

    Carol McLarry, Courtesy Memorials, mentioned that cards would be

    sent to two members in the hospital.

    Publicity Chair, Suzanne Foertsch, noted that fliers were out for the

    Spring Games Party and Luncheon. Mary Ann Wright read for a second

    time the Slate of Officers for 2012- 2013 and noted that voting would

    take place in April.

    The After Concert Party, April 28, was discussed by Marianne Wofford

    and a sign up sheet was distributed.

    Ways and Means Chair, Carol Rhode, discussed the upcoming Spring

    Games Party and Luncheon on March 28 at Holy Family Church from

    11-3. Beth Person discussed ticket sales. And other Committee Chairs

    went over duties.

    Mary Jane Schurtz recognized Hostesses- Mary Virginia Jacobs,

    Carolyn Stellman, Helen Knebel, Helen Resendez, and

    Le Olive Rogge.

    The next meeting will be on April 25 at the Home of Carol Rhode.

    Meeting was adjourned by the President. Debbie Durham led a song

    before lunch was served.

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  • VictoriaSymphonyLeague 

    The Victoria Symphony League had it's first meeting of 2012 on January

    25 at the Victoria Women's Clubhouse. President Mary Jane Schurtz

    called the meeting to order. She welcomed guests- Marsha Ricottelli,

    Dollie Stokes, and Francisca Watts.

    LaNell Billings, Secretary, read the minutes and LeOlive Rogge

    presented the Treasurer's report. Cora Jo Hummel reported on the Santa


    Debbie Durham, Education Chair, reported on the Musical Petting Zoo,

    Club VSO, Master classes, and the upcoming Peter and The Wolf


    Marianne Wofford, Membership, reported thirty three members in

    attendance, including guests. Suzanne Foertsch, Publicity, reported

    that she attended a seminar at the ADVOCATE. Also a picture of the

    Santa winner was submitted, appearing January 4. Mary Virginia

    Jacobs, VSO Rehearsal Chair, requested that members sign up to bring


    Under New Business, the VSL Card Party and Luncheon is scheduled

    for Thursday, March 29 at Holy Family Catholic Church from 11AM-3PM.

    Tickets are $10.00 per person. Beth Person handed out fliers and

    tickets to all members.

    A reminder of the upcoming VSO Gourmet Wine Dinner on February 3

    was announced. Raffle tickets were available.

    The President thanked the hostesses Jacquie Fritz, Delores Tyng, Mary

    Ann Wright, Toni Hyman, and Gladys Steshko. She announced that the

    next meeting will be on February 22 at the home of Cora Jo Hummel.

    After the meeting was adjourned Cora Jo Hummel led a song before a

    Valentine themed meal was served..


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