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  • amatnda23 

    I can see why those of you are defending a doctor who has saved your life in the past, but lets not forget ALL the other people that were very influential in your life saving process. It starts from the EMT who came to your house and rushed you to the hospital, then the E.R. nurses and doctors that monitored you until your cardiologist got there. Once you were taken upstairs you had another set of people working on you and that would include cath lab x-ray techs so the doctor can see what they are doing, the nurses keeping you comfortable and monitoring your heart rate and pressures as well as giving you the necessary medicine that you needed down to the scrub tech that assists with all the necessary supplies and materials. Once your surgery is over, you go see ICU nurses that monitor you post-op. So, a doctor did not save your lives, a medical team saved your lives.

    And no, I do not work in the medical profession!

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