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    As I read your blog, the one Key thing I picked up on, is the emphasis of me.
    If everyone in the world only cared about themselves, as it is fast becoming, this world would be too dangerous to live in.
    The attitude you propose of people should be able to do whatever they want as long as they keep it hidden behind closed doors is also very dangerous.
    I will rebut your answers in bold orange.

    We have a problem with gay marriage: haven't we been discussing this for the past week? What people do behind closed doors is their business and their's alone, regardless of how wrong the bible says it is.
    Hiding the sin of homosexuality behind their closed doors does not make it acceptable. This analogy is like saying, as long as the Child molester hides it behind his closed doors, It is not our business.

    Couples are living together, and they're not married: And your point in this is...? I dunno about you, but I'd like to date and get to know a girl before I decide to marry her. Besides, their business, not yours.

    Dating a girl and getting to know her is possible without "shacking up". It has been a proven method much longer than this recent method (the last 40-60 years) of shacking up. And all one has to do is look at the results. Marriages 40-60 years ago were solid and had a success rate much much higher than todays success rates.

    Children are being born out of wedlock: eh, other then it being a tax problem, I don't really care.
    This is a sad answer coming from you. Since your life philosophy of "as long as it feels good, it's ok" was born around the 1960's, The morals of our people have fallen to horrible levels like you present here in your blog. Children have grown up either without a father or a mother, both in some cases.(If they were allowed to be born at all.) And each new generation of these children have grown up with a bolder anger and an inner sense that they were cheated, and are "owed" everything. This makes for a growing population of society that is a selfish and disturbed segment.

    Alcohol abuse is worse: People have the right to their own choices, if they wanna drink themselves to death, then so be it.
    While you are correct that people make their choices, it is again sad to see your un-willingness to help people who have made a poor self choice. If you and I were climbing a mountain together, and You slipped, I would do whatever I could to help you re-gain your footing. I guess I could only hope I didn't slip. ?

    Abortion is more acceptable: Now see, there's something I wont contest. Because I believe, if you can make it, then you take care of it.
    Here I only wish you would understand that the "it" you refer to is a human life. A gift from GOD. But I must be content that you are at least against killing babies.

    People are not going to church: look, I work 80 hours a week, to support myself and to help support my parents.  I despise the idea of getting up at obscene hour in the morning, getting dressed, going to a building where I have to socialize with a bunch people who are just to happy in the morning, and then sitting in a chair and listen to someone tell me how I should run MY life. It gets a little annoying, even more so in the morning. I get up early in the morning for very few things, and this surely isn't one of them.

    First I must confess that I too need to get back to church. So rather than be a hypocrite here, I will just say, that I hope one day you realize that "Your Life" was bought and paid for by our LORD and Savior Jesus. I hope we all come to realize this before it is too late.

    Well that should do it, as always I look forward to feedback.

    I hope you take the time to digest the things I have said, rather than a knee-jerk response. It is easy for us to just react, rather than try to understand first.
    I said a prayer for us all.

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    Nice Comment Sandwichh.
    You are soo correct! We have no John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, or George Washington's to choose from.
    The 2-Party system we have is truly corrupted by the Powers you speak of.
    I Thank you for your comment and your insight.

    You too John make a good comment.
    With the infiltration of the Socialist Powers into BOTH Parties, essentially the Government has betrayed the American People, and a Revolution seems to be the only answer.
    And while some may think it a Conspiracy Theory, The Lowering of the Citizens education, along with removing the guns from the populous will leave us a slave nation.

    And finally SugarMagnolia. Realization is a first step.
    Welcome to the Revolution.

    To be honest I expected just the opposite when I published this Blog.
    I anticipated at the very least, having to explain myself over and over, to a resist-full, if not, combative responders.
    It was refreshing to find your educated responses, and it is very encouraging for the future of our country.
    Peace -

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    Posted by BIGJ
    Should I run?

    larger view

    We are having a crisis. Not an economic crisis. Not a global warming crisis. Not foreign threat crisis. Not an educational crisis. Those are the symptoms, not the cause. What we really have is a crisis of ignorance, ,A CRISIS OF STUPIDITY and a Crisis of carelessness. The Crisis that started from a dangerous and wary mentality. A mentality that got us into Iraq. A mentality that have two problem District Attorneys. One historical figure had proclaimed YES, WE CAN”. That is find and dandy, but now we need is a NO YOU WON’T. That’s right.
    NO YOU WON’T increase the National Debt.
    NO YOU WON’T Start illegal wars.
    NO YOU WON’T use taxpayer’s money for Wall Street’s greed.
    NO YOU WON’T have my Social Security for other reasons .
    NO YOU WON’T continue the same ole, same ole education policies.
    No we won’t let Them.
    Should I run in the near future?

    Future....Nope.   Sounds like you should vote for RON PAUL   LOL

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    A Christian  posted in here that we should not Judge Homosexuality.
    I would submit to that Christian, that we do not have to, GOD already has for us.  (Read Leviticus for starters.)

    Another person wrote we should not Shun the people.
    This is true,  We should not Hate the person, only the sin.

    Tolerance! others have posted...
    I submit, that Homosexuality is a Choice.
    And I hate to use this harsh other "Choice" to prove a point, but some need the Shock value it seems to gain perspective.
    I apologize to all others reading this that do not need the Shock value.

    Even if you do not believe in GOD and the BIBLE, You must put some thought into natural order.
    Homosexuality in the natural world,(While it may exist) is not natural. A species cannot carry on it's gene pool in this manner.
    Extinction would be it's end.

    As the act or lifestyle is a choice then........ Like we (At this present time at least) would not give rights or be tolerant  of a Child molester because of his/her "Choice" or "preferred Lifestyle". We as a people cannot consider it for the homosexual community.
    While this is an extremely Harsh analogy, It is a similar quandary.

    I definitely  do not want to add gasoline to this fire, I do want "Christians" to think and consider their positions carefully, before they go public.

    I hope this was not too upsetting.  I did not intend to upset, only, provoke thought where political correctness has darkened the natural light.

    No matter what morals are contested by public opinion over time, The simple fact is, the GOD of Israel has not changed his belief system to go along with ours.

    Peace be upon you.

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    Do some of you actually believe that because ones Skin color is different, That means we are different species?

    Skin color comes from pigment.  ( I hope I don't have to go further than that)

    Cradle of life?  Africa- Persia?    You guys watch too much Tomb Raider movies.

    What you need to do is realize that we are all from one.

    There is a book that explains this.  It is a very old book.

    You should Check it out sometime.

    If you don't know where to find this Book I speak of, Just ask.
    I would love to introduce you to it.

    Peace -

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    The following was Posted by BIGJ
    I guess you forgot about two or three things.
    1) Iraq War
    2) Sarah Palin becoming president
    3) Economics

    Obama '08

    1) Iraq War - uhhh...  yea?    Palin has been to Iraq, and talked with the Troops.    Obama? 

    2) Sarah Palin is running for Vice President. But I understand you may mean if something were to happen to John McCain.
    John McCain is in pretty good health. And that is a Buffer to your concern.
    Well I would submit to you, there is no Buffer for Obama becoming President.
    3) Economics.......  Please tell me what president (Post 1984) has ever made the Government Smaller?
    Fixed the Deficit?  Fixed the Healthcare issues? Fixed the Social Security issues?  Come on...... Any party will do?
    They all run on the Same issues every election season.  Seems like we as a people would figure this out after almost a lifetime.
    Which can only mean, NONE of them really intend on fixing anything.

    You just need to vote for the ones that most align with your morals.  ie; in my case, I am a Christian, So I cannot vote for the Democratic Party because of their Platform Stances(As a Party) on Abortion, Gay Marriage etc...
    Once you figure out how very similar the Parties are today,(As far as what they actually get done for the country based on what they ran on during their election campaign ) We as a people might see this truth, and realize that this 2-party system is Broken.
    Until then, We must individually vote our conscience.

    Ron Paul 08!    Ya I know it is just a dream.........

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